The beautiful Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer Lhea Bernardino revealed some nude videos and pictures on her phone in her live-stream. The accident happened when she switched to the group chat tab on her phone while playing this game. Check out this story here.

The Phillippine Streamer Lhea Bernardino Revealed Some Nude Images By Accident

Lhea Bernardino is a beautiful Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer in the Philippines. She has shaken the internet by a nude scandal. Bernardino accidentally revealed some images of nude videos on her phone when texting her friends. She was sending some images to her friends through Messenger but some personal video was also unveiled.

Lhea Was Live Streaming Mobile Legend Bang Bang
Lhea Was Live Streaming Mobile Legend Bang Bang

It seemed that the streamer was so happy when unlocking an exclusive skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that she couldn't help showing off with her friends. She intended to send some PrintScreen pictures to her friends in a Messenger chat group. However, she accidentally revealed some nude clips in her photo gallery on the phone.

She Revealed Some Personal Nude Videos
She Revealed Some Personal Nude Videos On Her Phone By Accident

After realizing the mistake, Bernardino turned off the live-stream right away. This scandal will be a lesson for her and other streamers. She should have turned off the streaming app before switching to personal messaging apps.

Lhea Bernardino worked as a model in the Philippines before starting her live-stream career. The beautiful streamer was the model for the famous magazine FHM in this country. She has over 8.2 lakh followers on Facebook and 6.8 lakh followers on Instagram.

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Bernardino is working as a game streamer

After getting married, she decided to work as a game streamer. She often plays Mobile Legend: Bang Bang on Facebook gaming live-stream. Moreover, the sexy streamer often shares many sultry and charming looks of her on Instagram to treat fans. Here are some stunning pictures of her on Instagram.

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Bernardino Is A Beautiful Streamer