Most of us came to video games because it offers us entertaining challenges that could take the stress off of our shoulders and get us engaged. Yet there are challenges in the world that are way too dicey for the majority of us to beat, and must be left to a selected few of wizards to achieve the impossible.

Super Mario Bros. Beaten in Under 5 Minutes

You can be good at video games, but are you confident enough to proclaim that you can beat it in less than five minutes.Just the idea sounds ridiculous. Surely, it’s impossible?

LordSaradoc managed to beat the overwhelming odds. He is currently holding the record of beating the game in 4 minutes, 57.69 seconds. Better yet, without the aid of any types of tools or saves.


Blindfolded 100% Run for the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Video gaming is a visual experience, it’s absurd to think of playing any RPG game without looking at the screen. Runnerguy2489 decided that he’s not satisfied with how it is and breezed through three dungeons in Ocarina of Time blindfolded. You can see him writing history with a sack on his head on his YouTube channel.


Watch a part of the full run here:

The Most Boring Game in the World For a Week

No one likes boredom. It’s annoying, and you always feel like you’re wasting your precious time while you could be out doing something else more exciting.  Something more exciting than driving a bus down a straight, empty desert road for 8 hours of real time. That’s unfortunately the premise of Penn & Teller ‘Desert Bus’. The game is so numbingly dull and boring that it’s difficult to imagine spending five minutes playing it.

Maxresdefault 0
Yes, this is the entire game.

But a team of gamers banded together to change that. They played the game for a week straight in order to raise fund for a children’s hospital. Thanks to their sacrifice and commitment, millions had been raised. There’s a good ending to this story after all.

Jumping Across the Hellmouth in Destiny

If you’ve ever stood over the Hellmouth in Destiny and stared down at its gigantic maw, you probably have wondered if you could jump across. SmileB4DEATH did the ultimate leap of faith by clearing the crater with a Bladedancer Hunter, Sparrow, and some very nicely executed Arc Blades.


Defeating Opponent Without Looking in SoulCalibur V

How does a top player of a PvP game spend his time?

Kayane - one of the top gamer of SoulCalibur V - decided to take on his enemy one day without even looking at the screen. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a show-off. But that doesn’t really matter … since she managed to finish off the poor soul who had to face him with some eerily accurate combos. It’s still one of the most impressive displays of skill in Paris Manga 2013 to date.

2866281 Soulcaliber4

Facing the Armies of Skyrim Unarmed

People have done a lot of strange things in Skyrim. So maybe going through the entire game unarmed may not be the strangest thing you’ve ever heard. But it’s impressive nonetheless to face armies and dragons with nothing but fists. Robbaz - a Swedish YouTuber was the first to start the massively popular trend.

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16 Button Presses in One Second

The main character in the well-known classic Adventure Island is Master Higgins. You might be interested in learning that he’s based on a real person, Toshiyuki Takahashi - an executive of Hudson. The man’s famous for being able to press the controller 16 times in a single second. Give your controller a try, and you’ll know why this is so mind-blowing. Takahashi then went on to invent the turbo button just for us to match his nearly inhuman ‘trigger finger’.

412021 Takahashi Meijin

Beating Super Punch-Out!!! Blindfolded

Zallard1 was the first to pull off the feat of beating Super Punch-Out!!! while being blindfolded. The feat was done for Awesome Games Done Quick - a video game speed run charity marathon. AGDQ raised money for cancer patients, but it’s also the inventor of some of the most outrageous stunts and challenges out there. One that Zallard1 just so happen to be able to beat rather effortlessly.

Maxresdefault 2

Here is the full run if you want to check it out:

76-Hour Just Dance Session

While endurance video gaming challenges are impressive, players often don’t have to do much but keep themselves awake on their seat. But Carrie Swidecki took it to another level by setting the record for Just Dance 4 for 76 hours, 4 minutes, and 52 seconds. Since it requires you to continuously dance to the beat, and that it’s done in one go … that’s almost inhuman. It’s amazing that she even survived to boast about it.

Carrie Swidecki
Carrie Swidecki.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out 14-0 Win

Punch-Out is a well-loved series for those wanting to try their luck beating it blindfolded. Jack Wedge took it back to the original Punch-Out!!! And successfully pulled a perfect run blindfolded. The moves he made against Soda Popinski and Mike Tyson without even seeing the screen were all impressive display of skill not many people could match - or ever hope to match, for that matter.

Jack Wedge Charlottetown 20 01 17
Jack Wedge writing history.

Watch the full clip here:

EVO 2004: Volley of Perfect Parries Highlighted

If you’re part of the gaming world in the older days, you may have already heard of this story. During a tense match between two champions: Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong. Umehara somehow parried every single multi-hit Super Combo from Wong’s Chun Li. Parrying a single hit was something that requires constant practice, perfect timing, and even luck to pull off. But 17 in a row … the odd is laughably microscopic it’s like witnessing a pig flew when Umehara did it perfectly.

Beatmani IIDX World Record Set with Hair-Trigger Hands

In every movie that has a hacker (Besides from Mr. Robot, of course), the protagonist usually has this supernatural ability to bash his hands randomly on the keyboard and somehow able to crack through the strongest of virtual defences. That’s nothing in comparison to expert player DOLCE, the master of Beatmania. With 1,836 perfect button presses under his belt, even Mr. Robot would have to give him the credit.

Maxresdefault 3

Kaizo Mario World Deathless Run

Kaizo Mario World is basically Super Mario World on steroid. It is technically a hack of the original game that turns it from a leisure, peaceful video game into a sweat-inducing nightmare. Complete with invisible blocks and death traps, it can break even professional players down into tears. But speed-runner dram551 broke the game by completing it without dying even once. Furthermore, in just 4 minutes and 29 seconds. He did this as part of a fund-raising effort for charity.

Kaizoworld Op

The Mexican Runner’s Attempt to Finish Every NES Game

NES is a system that has many amazing titles made just for it. But another thing about the old platform's ecosystem is that it also has one of the most difficult game catalogs there is. Naturally, when The Mexican Runner announced that he will embark on a journey to finish every game on that catalog, it’s gotten everyone’s attention.

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He made good of his promise, blazing through titles like Silver Surfer almost effortlessly.

Japanese Model Haruna Anno Managed to Beat Super Mario Bros. Without Looking

The perfect girl doesn’t exis-

Hqdefault 1

Well, scratch that. Haruna Anno doesn’t only has beauty, but she’s also a perfect record on Super Mario Bros. to boot. All without looking.

Aside from having a day job of being a model, Anno made waves on the Internet when she posted a video of herself finishing Super Mario Bros. without even looking at the screen once.

Mega Man X & Mega Man X2 Simultaneous Run

Some people are good at multi-tasking. Meanwhile, Aura Puffs - a YouTuber - managed to take it to an entirely different level.

Maxresdefault 4

He managed to beat both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 in tandem using one controller. Moreover, he finished them both at the exact same time.

Here is the full clip:

Finishing Bloodborne with a Rock Band Guitar

Bloodborne is on par with Dark Soul for being the source of players’ misery due to its difficulty. It’s not surprising to find a lot of people even struggling to progress in the game with a controller. However, streamer gbbearzly decided that a controller is simply too basic for him and hooked up his Rock Band guitar instead.

Maxresdefault 5

He beat the game.

Take a look at how he managed to overcome one of the bosses in the game:

Ikaruga Double Play

Ikaruga is said to be one of the best shoot-em-up to ever be created. But the complex polarity system is pretty dicey to tackle. An unknown arcade gamer has gone out of his way to destroy the system.

Hqdefault 2

A YouTube video that consists of an arcade gamer controlling two ships simultaneously while delivering perfect combo chains has been making rounds on the Internet. Check it out below:

85-Year Old Record Holder for Wii Bowling

Wii is a well-loved platform for grandparents, but that doesn’t make this record any less impressive. John Bates, an 85-year old who lives in Onalaska, Wisconsin made the record book doing 14,000 perfect games of Wii Bowling. That involves a lot of skill, and certainly, patience and determination a lot of youngsters would have trouble committing.

John Batess Perfect 300

Beating Dark Souls with Feet

A Taiwanese Dark Souls player - Srwfe - can navigate and tear his way through Dark Souls with his feet alone. He Twitch streams all of his exploits, and though it’s a strange thing to be jealous of, he has very graceful moves.

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Beating Ninja Gaiden With a Dance Pad

While Srwfe beat a modern game that’s considered to be a fury-triggering one, Nick Hagman went back in time to also set the same record on a classic game through a Dance Dance Revolution pad. Ninja Gaiden is considered to be among the most difficult NES games. And after 8 months, in a flurry of dance moves, Hagman managed to school the game. You can find his adventure uploaded on YouTube.

19-Second Blitz Record in Tetris World

Tetris is a rather simple game that anyone can play and anyone can claim that they’re good at. But even masters will have to think about their answer carefully after learning about this one. Keroco speed-ran through a 40-line game in only 18.96 seconds. If you watch the recording of the session on YouTube, the pieces were falling so fast it’s hard to even see what’s going on. And by the time you did, it’s already over.

Super Metroid 4-Way Speed Run Race

Super Metroid 4 is infamous for the complex pathways. It is also the reason why it’s a favourite title for speed runners to test their skill in. Awesome Games Done Quick hosted a competition for a group of premier Metroid players in the world as part of a charity run. It’s 45 minutes you won’t regret spending.

Beating Dark Souls With a Steering Wheel

Dark Souls definitely has a weird trend going on where everyone tries to complete it using the most outrageous input devices available to them. Twitch streamer The Prixie contributed to this by hooking up a racing game steering wheel and destroyed every boss with it.

Maxresdefault 7Check out one of those boss fights in action below:

Playing Half-Life Upside Down

Half-Life is a cult classic game, and it’s also one of the classic titles for speed-runners to take on. Quadrazid is considered to be one of the best, if not the best Half-Life speed-runner in the world. But he’s not really satisfied with the title and instead took it up a notch by flipping the screen upside down and ran through the game like that.


Though he was occasionally disoriented during the run, he’s still certainly better than most of us playing the game right side up. Check out his playlist on YouTube for the full run.

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Relay Race

All three games in the Ninja Gaiden series are said to be tougher than metal. So just imagine the kind of excitement that a competition between groups of the best players trying to finish all three back-to-back produces. Awesome Games Done Quick hosted an event with the express aim of doing just that. Needless to say, those are some very high-octane actions.

Maxresdefault 8

They also raised quite a lot of money for The Precent Cancer Foundation while they’re at it.

Super Mario Galaxy 2’s Grandmaster Galaxy Evil Remix

Grandmaster Galaxy’s ‘The Perfect Run’ is revered to be the toughest Mario level to ever exist. That’s not going to discourage one player to make a joke out of it, though. MrBean35000vr remixed a Master Quest version of the level, filling it with traps and obstacles that he may be the only person to be able to pass them all.

Maxresdefault 9

Carrying An Eggplant Through Spelunky

Spelunky is a strenuous platforming game whose difficulty is so high that surviving for five minutes in the game is considered to be a miracle. Bananasaurus Rex not only survived for higher than five minutes. He managed to do it while carrying an eggplant, which, in the game, is virtually worthless. He made it all the way to the secret boss, a feat that usually requires two expert players playing in careful coordination with one another to pull off.

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Beating Dark Souls With a Pair of Bongo Drums

And to think that Dark Souls players couldn’t get any more creative about the way they’ll beat the game…

Maxresdefault 10

Gbbearzly (The same one previously who beat Bloodborne with a guitar) strung up a pair of Donkey Kong bongos and went ape on Dark Souls’ bosses. They didn’t even see it coming. Watch him overcome one of the series' most impressive boss fights below:

Super Mario 64’s New Record

Allan Alvarez - nickname ‘Cheese05’ - just recently set a world record for Super Mario 64. He successfully collected all 120 stars in the game in 1 hour, 41 minutes, and 16.87 seconds. He was faster than the previous record by three minutes. In the video, Cheese05 was graceful in every move he pulled and showed great cleverness in manipulating the camera angle. Hard to imagine someone would be able to beat that in the future.

Sm64 Worldrecord 625x350