Many years after becoming popular on social networks, Angelica Kenova has kept appearing as a beautiful living doll and kept following her sexy style.

Living Doll

Born in 1989, Angelica Kenova has hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks. The Russian hot girl has attracted a lot of attention due to her surreal doll looks. She has a faultless face, big eyes, a high nose, and full lips, and that’s why her fans love calling her a living doll or Russian doll.

The 31-year-old beauty has become more beautiful than ever. She now works as a fashion model and a hot influencer on the Internet.

Living Doll 1

It can be undeniable that Angelica Kenova has changed a lot compared to the initial days of her popularity. The netizens soon realize that she is now more rebellious and sexier. She never hesitates to appear in sexy dresses and boast about her seducing body. Unlike her past naive look, Angelica starts to pursue a more mature image and rock the Internet due to her perfect bust – waist – hip measurements.

The model reveals that she in her real life lives as a doll in a glass cage. Her parents always control and decide everything in her daily life. Although she is at the mature age, Angelica Kenova is still under the strict management of her parents, from diet to dating.

Living Doll 2

She said that the living doll icon she has followed is chosen by her mother. Angelica’s mother often buys doll clothes for her and until now, her dating also needs the approval from parents.

They also hire a trainer to help their daughter maintain her perfect figure. She undergoes harsh training to keep her slim figure.

Living under her parents’ extreme protection, it’s not surprising that Angelica Kenova lacks the basic skills. She reveals that her parents don’t allow her to chat with boys. She doesn’t have any living experience. She wasn’t seemingly born to live in a real life. She is just a living doll.

Living Doll 3

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Living Doll 6

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Living Doll 8

Living Doll 9

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