The ending of Avengers: Infinity War was undoubtedly a dramatic one. The Mad Titan Thanos collected all 6 Infinity Stones, snapped his fingers, and just like that 50% of the entire population of the galaxy – including many of our beloved superheroes – simply turned to dust. However, in a recent interview, writer Stephen McFeely revealed that this snap was not always part of the film.

The ending of Avengers: Infinity War

Instead, McFeely shared that the writers thought about delaying this major event until the end of the first act of Endgame as the early drafts of Infinity War had too much story.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is also quoted to say that they spent "years and years and years" to discuss the best way to wrap up Infinity War. In the end, they decided to end the movie with "the snap," as they thought it was the most shock-inducing thing to do. And boy, were they right.

That said, as dramatic as that ending was, many fans still strongly believe that "the snap" is going to be reverted in Endgame, as many of the characters who were wiped out have their own movies planned for the future. These include Spider-Man: Far From Home (although it is currently unclear where this movie will take place in the timeline; it could be before the events of Infinity War), Doctor Strange 2, and more. These fans stay true to their belief even after writer Christopher Markus confirmed that these deaths were "real," at least in certain ways. They have a point, as Marvel is known to misdirect the public with false information from time to time.

Spider Man Far From Home Miles Morales
Many future movies were planned for characters that were wiped out

Still, Markus describes Endgame as “a different movie” than what the audience expects, and it’s going to be mind-blowing.

Avengers: Endgame is scheduled to come to theaters on April 26. The movie acts as a conclusion to the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  If for some reason you have not seen its latest trailer (or just want to watch it again), check it out below: