Neha Malik is a Punjabi model and an actress who has been blowing up on Instagram thanks to her beautiful and 🔥 photos. Neha started her career walking along many fashion runways, then she began to appear in Punjabi music videos. After her appearance in Maninder Bhuttar's music video "Sakhiyan," her popularity began to take off.

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Neha Malik was supposed to appear on "Bigg Boss," but now has become an Instagram star

Neha was once offered to appear in the widely popular reality TV show "Bigg Boss" of Salman Khan but that didn't come to pass and now she is happily doing her own thing. Now Neha is an Instagram phenomenon who can't help but turn up the heat whenever she makes an upload.

Outside of Instagram modeling, Neha has done some acting work that went very well. Neha recently starred in the Punjabi movie "Gandhi Fer Aa Gea" alongside Arya Babar, directed by Kinder Singh. On her acting performance, Babbar paid Neha many compliments, even called her "the best thing in the film".

Neha Malik isn't just beautiful but also a very talented aspiring actress

“There is a lot of emotion in the movie; you will see a very shy and soft side to the character in the film. In general also, characters like these who appear very intense and strong, when they are with their family or lover, a very soft and different side of them comes out," Babbar said.

Those words from Babbar confirm Neha's sweet and charming personality doesn't just stop on the screen but expresses itself with the people whom she meets. She even has her own Youtube channel where she makes frequent uploads showing many of her trips and photoshoots behind the scene. You can check out her channel here.

More 🔥 photos of Neha Malik

Here are more of the charming and beautiful Neha Malik in all her majesty:

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