The island of the dolls in Mexico must be amongst the world’s weirdest places that can make anyone feel scared and shivery. And the story behind it has been widely spread until now.

Island Dolls
The island must not be for the faint of heart.

70 years ago, the island of the dolls (previously known as the Island of the Dead Dolls) in Mexico used to be a place without any habitant that is completely different from it is now. However, it didn’t worth mentioning if this island was actually uncharted because there was in fact a man to live alone in many years. His name was Don Julian Santana.

In the past, a small community reportedly used to live on the island. But until 1950, they decided to leave this place for some unknown reasons and Don was the only and last one to stay here. He kept living in the empty island so long that people almost forgot him, until when there were some tourists to visit and interview Don.

Don Julian
Don Julian Santana and an abandoned doll.

Don Julian Santana said that, on some days, while wandering alongside the canal, he accidentally found a doll floating in the water - the place in which a little girl had been drowned. She supposedly fell into the water while playing around. In remembrance of the victim, Don waded through the water to grab the doll and hung it on a branch.

However, that’s not the whole story. Don was obsessed with the sudden appearance of the doll, leading to his journey of seeking all discarded dolls in the landfill and hanging them around the island. Visitors also gave him old dolls, and as such, until the 1990s, there were lakhs of ragged dolls to watch the visitors in the silence through branches.

Abandoned Dolls

Some of them were found scratching, some lost eyes or arms or legs. In general, these dolls managed to bring an eerie experience to any visitor, in spite of their own purpose. Just imagine that you are standing in the middle of a forest full of weird dolls in the evening. You must not feel comfortable at all, especially when the tourism didn’t develop as fast it is now.

Doll Head
Dolls are hung around the island.

Dolls Island

And then, you can guess what would be going on on that island: a rain of rumors from the truth to fake news poured down. Some said Don did that because he was haunted by the girl’s soul and this was the only method to ease her. Some supposed that this method would help protect the island from ghosts, although only a few people believed it. Meanwhile, a large number of people felt that it was the dolls to haunt this island.

That’s why many wanted to ask Don Julian Santana but it was too late. In 2001, he was found dead in a canal - the place where Don supposedly found the first doll.

Don Julian Santana
Don was found dead in 2001.

Until now, this island of the dolls has become a famous tourism place and of course, the horror elements have been reduced. Why should you try to visit the island at least once in your life to know whether dolls are watching your steps or not? It is likely that you will hear their whistles. At least, don’t miss the last ferry from the island or you may have a memorable night with these dolls.

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