Image to promote electric cars

It was around this time last year that Elon Musk got into a disputable case regarding his use of an image without the artist’s credit. He was using one work of art to get publicity for his electric car.

Elon Musk Tweet 01
Mugs featuring "farting unicorn"

The picture featured a cartoon “farting unicorn” and a supposedly electric car. The image looks vivid with many color and kind of fun drawing style. Elon Musk used the image without the consent of the artist, which got him irritated. Tom Edward, the author of the image claimed the ownership of the image and sorted out an agreement with Elon. After all, the artist deserves his own share of payment for his work.

Another picture without credit

Yet again, this time, Elon Musk got into another controversy over artist’s credit just yesterday. He posted one fanart of Nier Automata’s 2B on his Twitter.

Elon Musk Tweet 03
The image Elon Musk posted on his Twitter

The Tesla founder just uploaded the image without even one line of credit to the author. When someone reminded him to add credit, he just coldly said “No”. Of course, we are in an open Internet where posting one random image wouldn’t be any issue. However, posting one fanart without credit to the artist would be considered bad. If we look more into it, Elon Musk has over 27 million followers on Twitter.

How he reacted to the community

His post stayed available for one week without on link or mention of the owner.

Elon Musk Tweet 02
How cold from Elon: "No"

With people came in to complain about his immature behavior, Elon just argued with his own reasoning:

Elon Musk Tweet 04
How would this be his reason behind posting such an image without crediting the artist?

Many people got serious with the talk on Elon Musk’s Tweet and even mentioned the violation of copyright.

Elon Musk later deleted the whole Tweet and all vanished into thin air. However, the damaged has been done, many people would start to doubt Elon Musk’s sanity when doing such an implausible deed.