Along with the exploding of the gaming industry is the rise of Twitch, the biggest streaming platform for streamers of all game genres. Despite being a common playground for gamers and streamers from different cultures and playing different games, Twitch, however, do not let everything go on its platform. In fact, there are a lot of streamers who tried to test the limit and violate platform regulation. While many got a temporary ban, some are even banned from Twitch permanently. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most controversial bans on Twitch female streamers of all time.



Apart from being a popular female streamer on Twitch, Amouranth also has a reputation as a controversial ASMR streamer and cosplayer for her super sexual content. As exposing sexual content on Twitch is kind of risky, the streamer also created a Patreon account where her followers can donate money and receive exclusive pics. Of course, Twitch found out her trick soon and banned the hot streamer for 7 days.



For the unversed, CinCinBear has been in the limelight every now and then for not only how sexual her content is but also for controversial statements she made. Back in 2017, the beautiful streamer sparked controversy on cyberspace for saying depressed people are stupid and she would like to talk down to those with mental health problems. After getting banned a couple of times, the streamer remains working on the platform and is mostly found on the “just chatting” section.

Zoie Burgher Mother Of Egirls

Zoie Burgher

Used to be so popular on twitch a few years ago as a bold female streamer, Zoie, however, fell down from fame for the same reason. The streamer was frequently spotted going live in a little close or even just lingerie. In addition to that, her content focuses on sexuality and there is no surprise that Twitch brings the hammer down on her.

Find out more controversial cases of streamers who have been banned on Twitch over the past years:

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