The Hollywood Reporter posted that the horror film Final Destination is being put into production again by New Line. The reboot of the Final Destination will be written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. These were the two writers of the famous horror film Saw.

The author of the horror film Saw will write the script for this new Final Destination

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new film will recreate the Final Destination horror film series, which has been popular in many countries. The plot and details are still in the process of being completed.

The film was released with another debut for the first time in 2000, Ali Larter and Devon Sawa were the two main actors in the first Final Destination. The budget for this film is just $23 million, but New Line has earned $112 million after it was released worldwide. This prompted the company to release four more sequels and collect over $700 million around the world. Final Destination 5, is the latest film in the series, was produced in 2014.

Final Destination 1

In the first part of Final Destination, everything originates from a group of friends traveling together on a flight, one of them foreseeing the scene of the plane falling and everyone dying. After that, they all got off that plane and witnessed the scene of the plane exploding after taking off. It was destined that they were forced to die on that flight, but they managed to escape and the Death chased them to kill them in one way or another.

All five parts of Final Destination are based on the same composition but still very popular

The same motif applies to all four sequels, only the context is changed. Although repeating a setting, it still attracted a lot of audiences and made production directors happy. Maybe this new movie will have a similar structure, but there's still no certainty when the script is still in the final stages.

There is currently no information about when Final Destination reboot will be officially released or the actors will be in the main roles. In 2012, writers Dunstan and Melton were the authors of Sony's God of War. As time went on for a long time, maybe a lot of things have changed and let's wait and see what they bring to this new Final Destination.