Jade Raymond, a veteran in the video game industry who participated in the creation of the original Assassin's Creed before coming to EA to work on Star Wars, has got a new position at Google.

Earlier today, Raymond announced on her Twitter that she's “excited” to join Google to work as a vice president. She doesn’t reveal any more details, so it's currently not clear what exactly she is going to do at her new company.

Jade Raymond Tweet
The tweet from Jade Raymond

Google is currently working on a new gaming technology called Project Stream, which it plans to officially reveal soon during the Game Developers Conference later this month. Raymond is going to be, at the very least, the second high-profile gaming employment of Google. In January last year, the company also hired Phil Harrison - former Xbox and PlayStation boss – as a VP.

Her most recent job was at EA, where she helped found the Montreal-based Motive Studios and was also in charge of a few other studios including Visceral, the one responsible for the Star Wars games. However, recent turmoil at EA resulted in executive changes and Raymond left the company last October.

Jade Raymond
Jade Raymond

Many notable figures have spoken up to congratulate Raymond on her new position. Shannon Loftis, General Manager of Xbox Entertainment Studios, says Google is “lucky” to have Raymond, while Capybara Games Founder & President Nathan Vella expresses his delight with a short message that reads "Congrats, this is rad."

As mentioned, Google intends to reveal what it calls "vision for the future of gaming" at the Game Developers Conference, and it could be something related to streaming. Last year, the company teamed up with Ubisoft to run tests for its Project Stream that allowed Assassin's Creed Odyssey to be played directly through the Google Chrome browser.

Google Project Stream
Project Stream was tested last year

In other news, rumors have been going around recently of another project from Google, supposedly called "Project Yeti." This is said to focus on streaming, and might even have exclusive games of its own. Not many details are available at the moment.