Just this week, Netflix has uploaded a pretty quizzical trailer about an upcoming Netflix Original movie that has to do with serial killers and time-traveling? The unique theme of the movie has raised a lot of eyebrows and evoke quite a reaction from the anticipating audience for the past few days.

In The Shadow Of The Moon Poster 405x600
The poster of the series

Jim Mickle is a director and writer who has been involved in many low-budget horror movies that had managed to reverberate in the heart of movie watchers and critics alike when they came out. An example would be Stake Land, the horror movie starring a cannibalistic family We Are What We Are, or the crime slash drama Cold in July. This new project is backed up by Netflix’s massive budget, and as of now, it is the most sophisticated and most expensive filming project in Mickle’s portfolio.

In the Shadow of the Moon

The new movie, In the Shadow of the Moon, will star Michael C. Hall as Dexter, who has once cooperated with Mickle in the movie Cold in July. Hall will perform side by side in the movie with two high-profile costars Boyd Holbrook and Cleopatra Coleman.

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The main characters of the series

The setting of the film is set in 1988, centralizing upon a Philadelphian police officer named Thomas Lockhart who’s tasked with the job of investigating a murder case that had shocked the city. All of the victims were murdered in a brutal manner, and there was always a strange mark on the necks of the victims.

All of the clues led back to the perpetrator being a strange black woman, and finally, she saw her being killed by a train right in front of him. Nine years later, the chain of murders returned with the same modus operandi, signaling the return of the old killer which dumbfounded Thomas and the entire police force.

In The Shadow Of The Moon Netflix
The suspect - the strange black woman is being shown in the picture

But then, the strange woman warned Thomas to stop pursuing her or getting in the way because all of the things she was doing has to do with the fate of the world.

Netflix In The Shadow Of The Moon Review
Is she the true person who committed all of those crimes?

What are the connections between the victims? Why does she have the power to go back in time? What are the consequences if she couldn’t kill all those people? There are many questions for the viewers to find out about this series, and all of those questions are waiting for the viewers to discover themselves. This series has already been on Netflix, so turn on your Netflix to watch the series now.