A few days ago, an Indian family with six members were rushed to the hospital after enjoying a famous dish called aloo methi that is made with cannabis, instead of methi. That’s true.

According to a report, this family mistook marijuana for methi.

We all know that aloo methi is made with fenugreek and potatoes but the poor family seems unable to differentiate between fenugreek and dry marijuana. And they obviously mistook the fragrant herb for the toxic leaves.

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh, India on June 27. According to Indian Express, a boy called Nitesh bought a bag of cannabis from a vegetable seller named Naval Kishore Gupta who said to him that these leaves were fenugreek.

Cannabis Methi
They may be more careful with what they eat after this time.

Without any awareness, Nitesh took the cannabis home and his sister-in-law cooked aloo methi for lunch. After eating the dish, members of Nitesh’s family began to feel sick and everything seemed to be moving in their head. It was lucky that their neighbors helped take them to the hospital before they completely lost consciousness.

The chief medical officer Dr. LK Tomar said that Nitesh’s family lost unconsciousness when they were taken to the hospital; however, all of them have now recovered.

Methi Cannabis
It's difficult to understand that they can mistake between these different kinds of leaves.

In the beginning, the family didn’t know the reason why they got such symptoms. However, after the police officers carried out an investigation, they found out the cannabis bag along with the leftovers of the aloo methi dish.

They then arrested Naval Kishore Gupta. But when the police asked him why to give cannabis to Nitesh’s family, the vegetable seller said that he just played a prank. It is obvious that his game was not fun at all!

The family may not eat too much cannabis and therefore, they just felt high at some moments and weren’t in life-threatening conditions.

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