Anthem launched just one month ago, but it feels like the game is dying slowly. While the developers are working hard to fix the bugs that are troubling players, a recent announcement of a fan can kill the last hope for Anthem if it turns out to be true.

The player in question, with the nickname TemperHoof on Reddit, backed their statement with reports and numbers. The processes they employed to conclude is also revealed.

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It might not be a bug after all

According to what we can make out from the report, players benefit more from one Legendary than one legendary coupled with six Masterworks. Inscription does not seem to work as it is supposed to do. What the formula of TemperHoof suggests is that things depend heavily on the power score of your gear and there is nothing else counts. With the update 1.0.3, it seems like the game gets worse rather than better.

To conclude their post, TemperHoof said that this was not merely a bug but a serious flaw. Players are being deceived, and the proof was there is no such thing as Stat Sheet. All of the things like Weapons, Power Scores, and Components did not matter at all.

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It might be a design flaw

These newly-discovered issues have not yet received any official comments from BioWare, which could mean more and more players will abandon Anthem. With the competition brought by The Division 2, a competent and satisfying title, we could see gamers losing trust in BioWare after Anthem and Fallout 76 did not live up to their expectations.

However, BioWare did have some moves in response to fans queries about the recent problems with the game. According to a letter from the studio on Reddit, Anthem will survive soon. So now what we can do is to wait for what Electronic Arts thinks about it.