A Twitch in real life (IRL) streamer made a very strange and quite ridiculous decision: live streaming his confession of cheating on his girlfriend.

This streamer is Hyubsama – a Japanese streamer on Twitch. He and his girlfriend – Starbitzychan, another streamer – went to a small restaurant on Wednesday 6/3. This was the moment Hyubsama decided to tell Starbitzychan about his guilt. He admitted kissing his ex-girlfriend (Tina) with Starbitzychan on his on-going live stream.

Streamer Hyubsama

The video (now has been deleted) is truly a content that makes the viewers feel really uncomfortable to watch, not to mention that this was a highly personal matter. But it was broadcasted on Hyubsama’s channel, which has about 57,000 followers at the moment. And even worst, the “conversation” got more and more troublesome and the couple continued to talk about this matter for over an hour.

Eventually, Starbitzychan had enough. She stood up and began collecting her stuffs. But Hyubsama kept begging her to sit back down. He insisted on a chance to explain. However, Starbitzychan clearly said that she did not want any more explanation on this matter anymore.

Streamer Starbitzychan (on the left)

However, the female streamer did ask why Hyubsama chose to tell her this on stream, he only said, “I’m rich, I don’t need the money” many times without offering any real explanation. Nevertheless, he did react joyfully when he received a $100 donation as if this stream was just another regular stream. The donator name was “Starbitzychan,” to which he laughed and asked Star why she donated to him.

The worst part about his behavior in the restaurant was when he seemingly dragged Starbitzychan back to the restaurant after she had collected her stuffs and left.

He continued his joke when Starbitzychan came to his apartment a few hours afterward for a serious off-stream conversation. But Hyubsama set the camera down on the floor, out of sight, while he talked to Starbitzychan. She demanded Hyubsama to end his stream, but Hyubsama lied about it and Starbitzychan found out.

“I asked you to come downstairs without the stream,” she said, now with Hyubsama holding the camera up and admitting the stream was still on. “The one wish that you could’ve saved this relationship, and you chose not to.” Then Hyubsama gave the camera over to Starbitzychan and told her to end the stream.

“I love you guys, you’re amazing,” Star said into the camera. Shortly after, she ended the stream.

Below is the summary clip of the whole incident:

After the incident, Starbitzychan has not shown up on stream, but Hyubsama has. He even has been joking about this incident on his stream.

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