Before entering Bollywood in her debut film ‘Fugly’, the beautiful actress Kiara Advani prayed not to get stereotyped. Now, Kiara gained great success in Bollywood with different characters. She rose after the 2019’s film ‘Kabir Singh’ and ‘Good Newwz’.

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Kiara Advani played the co-lead role in the comedy-drama 'Good Newwz'

This year, Kiara has some interesting films, one of them is a Netflix movie titled Guilty launched a few days ago. Talking about her acting career with an entertainment press, Kiara Advani said she used to wish not to get stereotyped before making her debut to Bollywood.

Kiara Advani’s Wish Before Entering Bollywood

Answering the interview of the press, she said she had seen how actresses were put in the boxes. She was scared of being stereotyped in her offered roles. But fortunately, she received many offers and those offered roles were different from each other. Thus, she could play different characters in many sorts of films.

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She wished not to get stereotyped before entering the acting career

Talking about it, the actress said she was lucky to receive those roles. It’s because those films came to her by chance and she didn’t chase a different role. Those choices were totally not purposeful. Moreover, her performances in those characters were greatly praised. It proved that filmmakers and audiences didn’t put her in a box. Moreover, it also proved her talent in acting as she always played her offered characters excellently.

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The actress played many amazing roles in different films that were unique

In the upcoming time, the actress will appear on the large screen in many films. Audiences will see her soon in the action film ‘Shershaah’ released on July 3rd. Kiara is also shooting for the comedy honor film 'Bhool Bulaiyaa 2'. Her offered roles in these films are diverse. Kiara is proving herself as an excellent Bollywood actress who can play all characters well.

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