Having a reputation as the most-followed and hottest streamer on Twitch, Pokimane has a huge fanbase with millions of fans around the world. While it’s apparent how stunning and adorable she is, many people claim that looking good is the only reason for her success. Let’s see how she reacts to this controversy.

A few days later, Pokimane went on stream as usual when the donator(s) tried to embarrass her by sending and mentioned that the money is donated all because of her appearance. Obviously, it is not the first time she faces a situation like that but the streamer decided to go serious about it.

Pokimane, the most followed female streamers in the world

According to the female streamer who has more than 6M followers on Twitch, although looking good is definitely a benefit she is not the most beautiful one on this platform yet being the most famous one.

Earlier, she admitted that it was weird that everyone can make the same remark about her just because she is an entertainer. Anyway, looking attractive is still an effective way to build up someone’s reputation no matter who she is.

Being the most acclaimed female streamers in the gaming world, Pokimane does not only land in controversy because of her appearance but also so many other scandals relating to her relationships, statements, fueds, and scams. However, the streamer has a loyal fanbase who supported and stood by her side through ups and downs.

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Pokimane Sexy
At the moment, she has nearly 7M followers on Twitch and many millions on other social media platform

Imane Anys, widely known for her nickname Pokimane, is a 23yo girl from the US. She soared into fame as a streamer and content creator with millions of followers on different social media platforms like Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. While she streams various games like Fortnite, Valorant, or Among Us, the streamer is more popular for her appearance and personal life.

Although most of her fans are called “simp” (young men who worship women and do anything for her attention), her above remarks make sense that there are hotter and bolder female streamers on Twitch yet anyone can take over her position.

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