Disney is in the process of remaking the all-time famous “The Lion King” and earlier today, the very first trailer of the movie has been officially released, which seems to be absolutely intriguing.

The Lion King teaser

Disney surely hasn’t got any intention of holding itself back from remaking it’s beloved and popular animated movies into “live-action” (or in the case of “The Lion King” - photoreal animation). Many of its already-remade movies we can mention here include Beauty and the Beast (2017), The Jungle Book(2016) and of course, Cinderella (2015).

This time, Jon Favreau, the famous director of the widely known Iron Man and The Jungle Book, is back in order to carry on what considered as the legacy of The Lion King.

The photoreal animation has a star-studded cast which includes Billy Eichner as Timon, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, Beyoncé as Nala and the most important one, Donald Glover as Simba. A surprisingly good news for the fans of the original animated film, James Earl Jones, Mufasa’s original voice, has agreed to return and reprise for the role. Hans Zimmer is going to return the score and there will also be a collaboration between Elton John, Tim Rice, and Beyoncé to find the best way to rework the film’s soundtrack.

The first trailer of the movie is basically a replication of the original opening, known as “Circle of Life”, of the 1994 version of the film. The trailer contains almost all the same camera movements as the original one. However, the difference is that they are all now photorealistic, and that’s amazing.

Some other upcoming remade live-actions which have been announced recently that we can list are Mulan (2020), Lady and the Tramp (2019), Aladdin (2019), Dumbo (2019) and the most recent one: Lilo and Stitch.

The original Lion King will be 25 years old by July 19 next year, and that is also when the remake version is intended to premiere.