We just received the new from the UK that Metropolitan Police Service of London has arrested the founder of WikiLeaks - Julian Assange. He is the founder of the infamous site WikiLeaks who has been hiding in Ecuador’s Ambassador. Ecuador has canceled the asylum protection of him.

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founder of WikiLeaks - Julian Assange

Right after that, we have confirmation from the U.S.government  about the charge and indict of this man. Previously, United States Justice Department has charged Assange for his role in the intrusion into the systems of U.S. Army back in 2010 in partnership with Chelsea Manning.

The arrest of Julian Assange

Currently, they are the holding Assange in a police station in London. They will hold him there to wait for Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

This sudden arrest has marked a big twist in the career of Assange. Previously, we have seen that he hailed from being a heroic advocate of free speech. He has even been denounced as a Russian propagandist which the objective to elect Trump.

London Police Just Arrested The Wikileaks Founder
Assange has been denying that they are just plots made up by his political enemies.

From 2012, Ecuador's Ambassador in London has granted Assange his asylum after the effort from Sweden effort to get Assange extradited on sexual assault allegations. Ever since Assange has been denying that those charges and saying that they are just plots made up by his political enemies.

We have been knowing Wikileaks and Assange as the catalyst for whistleblowers. Maybe you know some of their works such as the ground-breaking publication back in October of 2010 with more than 100, 000 documents about the war of the U.S in Iraq. He has pulled that publication out with the help of many mainstream newspapers like The Guardian and The New York Times. He has also joined in many works to expose the corruption over the world, this act has won over the applause of Amnesty International.

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Julian Assange when being captured

Most of these leaks are related to those events under the Bush Administration, which made Obama Administration furious. Thus, they have conducted a long investigation which has led to Chelsea Manning's arrest ( he was a U.S. Army's intelligence analyst). Then they charged him for leaking documents database then sent him to prison.

Julian Assange vs Hillary Clinton

The dispute between both sides has made Assange very angry with Hillary Clinton (then-Secretary of State). Moreover, back then we also saw a lot of accusation of British and US spies working against Wikileaks. However, Assange has denied that he has any grudge with Clinton.

Back in 2016, Assange has said: “There’s been a lot of misquoting of me and WikiLeaks on this,”. And  “In this case, the notion that I hate Clinton or that I intend to destroy her. All those are false. They come about because her defenders are trying to personalize our publications.”.

This was the statement of Assange just after the event that Wikileaks began to publish those damaging and embarrassing leaked emails from Clinton campaign. This was supposedly done by the Russians. We know that Assange has been denying from internet access and communications while he was at the embassy.

London Police Just Arrested The Wikileaks Founder
Still, the official Twitter account of Wikileaks has posted in protest of the arrest:

So we have a report saying that the Trump Administration has been discussing the deal with Ecuador to extradite Assange in exchange for debt relief. In November of last year, U.S. prosecutors have indicted Assange. They have made public those charge after the arrest of Assange. They have charged him with  “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified U.S. government computer.”

London Police Just Arrested The Wikileaks Founder
Manning refused to testify against Assange

The case of Manning

We also need to take note that usually, if a newspaper leaked the classified documents from a leak, U.S court doesn't hold the newspaper responsible. But in this particular case, the U.S government has indicated that he has gone beyond the threshold by encouraging Manning to access all those confidential documents and transfer them to Wikileaks.

Moreover, they also allege that Assange has tried to provide assistance to Manning for her to access the confidential documents by helping her crack the encrypted password. From the charge, they have also indicated that Manning has provided many copies of the Linux system to Assange.From all those documents he has published, we know that he was successful in decrypt the rest of the documents.

When they unfolded the case of Manning, she has been charged for the leaks however, she refused to testify against Assange. All that happened while Assange was in Ecuador embassy. However, seem like that he had overstayed his welcome.