Mia Khalifa is on her way to change how the world perceives her. The actress only worked in the adult entertainment industry in merely 3 months in 2015 and featured in a total of 15 videos. However, Mia claims that her short-lived pornographic career doesn’t define who she is. The ex-pornstar now seems keener on changing her narrative than ever before and receives tons of support from the netizens. 

mia khalifa move on
The former adult entertainer is ready to move on with her new life

The hashtag “Justice for Mia Khalifa” is already trending across social networking platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Moreover, 10 lakh people have signed the petition demanding the retrieval of her domain names and permanent removal of all her x-rated videos from the Internet. The new Generation-Z is expressing their complete support towards the ex-pornstar action on the short video sharing app TikTok. 

In an interview with Mashable, Mia Khalifa shared that she was super comfortable when using TikTok as if she found “a whole new world”. The ex-pornstar now can actually read the comments on her videos without even thinking about shutting them down. In addition, her fans are also expressing their support in the most creative ways possible. 

mia khalifa justice
Justice for Mia Khalifa is now trending on social media

Though Mia Khalifa’s pornographic career is short-lived, which only lasted from October 2014 to January 2015, she still managed to take the 2nd place in Pornhub’s 2019 most-searched list. Her videos are limited, but the impact that they have is not. Mia is so popular online that she has become the literal icon of the adult entertainment industry. 

mia khalifa no regret
Mia doesn't regret leaving the adult entertainment industry

When the producers don’t seem to lose their “golden actress”, Mia Khalifa reveals the last straw that leads her to the decision. The beauty claims that she was tricked and sexually abused by a photographer in the early day of her pornographic career. After the truth was public, the petition demanding justice for the actress quickly gained over 10 lakh signatures. 

Let’s take a look at some of the content Mia Khalifa puts up for her fans:

Mia reacts to fan video

Justice for Mia Khalifa

She also shares her nose job with fans

Mia uploaded this on the "supposed to be wedding day"

The ex-pornstar also reveals that out of all 11 x-rated videos she was featured on, she only made $12,000. Therefore, Mia Khalifa would rather have all the videos taken down and doesn’t want the money. She said, quote-on-quote, “I’d rather have it removed than take a dime from that bag”. The actress shared that she was offered millions to return for just one video but immediately turned it down for putting a price on her body. It seems like we will never see Mia back in the industry again.

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