Some students in Japan decided to hold their graduation ceremony on the video game Minecraft as a result of school closures over the coronavirus outbreak, which already forced graduation ceremony events to be canceled as well.

minecraft graduation ceremony coronavirus
Japanese elementary school students got together to arrange their own graduation on Minecraft

The Japanese school year ends in March and begins in April, and the extended time off to prevent the highly infectious coronavirus disease COVID-19 from spreading means many students, whether elementary, middle or high school, won't be having their graduation ceremonies.

Minecraft graduation ceremony

So these young elementary school children decided to organize their own ceremony to "graduate" from their class. One Twitter user @backyennew posted several tweets showing how his son got together with friends to have the 'Minecraft' ceremony. Check them out below:

The tweet says, according to online translation:

  • "What are you doing?"
  • "We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!"
  • Oh? Awesome. The elementary students gathered to start graduation themselves.

The boy and his fellow students came up with the idea themselves, who built their own graduation hall in Minecraft and even got other students to join in the "ceremony". Here's a video from @backyennew of his son enjoying the ceremony (as in playing Minecraft):

"They spent all day online together playing games and laughing. I’m glad they all had fun", says the tweet.

This one says: "The assembly hall is also really well made".

According to SoraNews, Japanese netizens responded very positively to the cute and heartwarming project of the young students:

“The kids are all right.”
“Parents are doing ‘telework’ and kids are doing ‘telegraduation.'”
“I’m so jealous of what awesome things kids have these day.”
“Those who say video games are bad, look at this!”
“This will probably be an even better memory than a regular graduation for them.”

minecraft japan graduation ceremony coronavirus
We could really begin to see virtual space being used more after this outbreak is over

When the world is dealing with a difficult and dangerous pandemic, stories like these make us feel a bit less worried and anxious. Perhaps in the future we'd see more virtual gaming space being used for events like these?

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