Even though Netflix is quite busy with its major hit The Witcher, it doesn't forget to give its users, especially ones that love horror and superhuman power, a new choice. It's Locke & Key - a new horror series that is based on the graphic novel with the same name from the author Joe Hill.

If his name is not familiar to you, Joe Hill is the son of one of the most famous horror-thriller writers right now - Stephen King. The movie is planned to air on the streaming platform on February 7, telling the journey of the three siblings to find their lives in the new home turning completely upside down with supernatural events.

You can see its trailer down here to catch the eerie vibes:

The story of Locke & Key

The trailer of Locke & Key has hinted everything you need before watching the series. To be more specific, you'll follow the three siblings - Bolde Locke (Jackson Robert Scott), Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup) and Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones), who have just lost their father in a gruesome murder. Losing the place that they belong to, their mother has brought them to the ancestral house that their father had lived in, for the sake of giving them a new home.

New Netflix Horror Series Locke & Key Trailer 2
The three siblings making a new life in their ancestral house

However, the words that their mother and their uncle exchange bring some unsettling feelings. "Does it have to be this home?" - after hearing that, every normal family should run immediately, but that's not going to happen in a horror series. The mother and the children start to settle up here, and soon find that this ancestral house namely Keyhouse has something special.

The house is full of keys - not the ordinary ones, but the magical ones, as the youngest brother accidentally figures it out after playing with it. The keys give its user magical powers, and they're not only wanted by the siblings that are seeking for their connection with their father, but also the wicked entity hiding in the house. "These are not keys, they're weapons."

New Netflix Horror Series Locke & Key Trailer 3
The Locke children soon find a mysterious being also searching for the key

As both of the sides wants to claim all of the keys, the Locke children have to face a series of dangerous events caused by the demon. The last words from their uncle and the whispering of the demon at the end of the trailer even make the fights between the children and the demon even eerier.

More information

The Locke & Key graphic novels have received a lot of positive reviews for its haunting Lovecraftian themes, as well as the touching family story of kids finding the bond with their beloved father. Joe Hill actually proved his talent not by taking benefits of his father's name but has won the hearts of fans by his own hands.

New Netflix Horror Series Locke & Key Trailer 4
Locke & Key features both horror and touching elements

The original comics are already very great, but with the power of cinematic technology and the actings of the young and talented actors, it's going to be even more wholesome. Overall, Locke & Key has everything it needs to become another Netflix's horror success after the previous ones like Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House.

For your information, Jackson Robert Scott is the child actor starring Georgie Denbrough in both It: Chapter One and Chapter Two; Connor Jessup gained a lot of success with the TV series American Crime as Taylor Blaine, and Emilia Jones is the English Girl in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

New Netflix Horror Series Locke & Key Trailer 1
Locke & Key features the cast of young but experienced acting talents in the industry

Locke & Key will air on Netflix on February 2. Are you going to watch it?