As we have reported, on March 16th there will be an event by Epic Games and Samsung. This event is a part of the marketing campaign from Samsung for their new series of product Samsung Galaxy s10. Even more, this event will feature the most famous streamer of 2018 Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and popular Korean band iKON.

Famous Korean band iKON will be playing Fortnite with Ninja in the event

Ninja even promoted for the event during his livestream that he would play on a brand-new Fortnite map with K-pop band iKON at this event on March 16. However, there will be no new Fortnite map introducing at the Fortnite x Galaxy event.

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Some small mistakes in the words of Ninja about a new Fortnite map

Samsung clarified Ninja’s statement later their Twitter account for mobile selling in the US. The tweet from Samsung said that the community creator Bludrive was working on a new Fortnite Creative Island for this upcoming event by Epic Games and Samsung.

This means there will be no totally new Battle Royale map coming, and Ninja and iKON will play on a Creative island. This was actually predicted. The game has only been released for more than a year, and developers of Epic Games have never mentioned about adding more maps into their game, which is unlike what the developers of other battle royale game would do (PUBG, for example). Instead of adding more maps, Epic Games chooses to modify their Battle Royale island map during the season and makes huge adjustments before a new season begins.

This improvement of Creative island map also allows players to design their own custom maps and play the game exactly the way they want. That’s probably why Epic Games and Fortnite choose a custom Creative island map to be featured at the Fortnite x Galaxy event.

Most fans who got excited about a brand new map are probably feeling disappointed by now, but there is good news among bad news. This means players can try the Creative map during or after the event. As soon as Epic or Samsung provide the Island Code for the map, any players can access to this map and play it with their friends.