We are no strangers to the battle between Pewdiepie and T-Series for subscribers. Ever since the fight broke out between the king of Youtube and the Indian music corporation, we have heard or seen the phrase “subscribe to Pewdiepie” a lot more than enough.

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Subscribe to Pewdiepie

However, as the battle is about to come to an end with the victory for T-Series, fans of Pewdiepie are doing their best for their idol. And some fans from the US have certainly gone beyond the line.

These so-called “Pewdiepie’s fans” have intentionally destroyed the Brooklyn War Memorial - a memorial for the veterans in the WWII - in Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn, New York City. This is an extremely famous WWII memorial in Brooklyn, which received huge respect from the local residents and tourists. The fans seemingly used a rock to carve on the memorial the line “subscribe to Pewdiepie”

The memorial that was destroyed

The picture of the vandalized memorial has been posted to the subreddit of Brooklyn. While the post has tons of negative comments for this crime as well as Pewdiepie, many other Redditors protected the Youtuber and pointed out that the streamer has nothing to do with these kinds of actions.

In the battle between Pew and T-Series, the king of Youtube still had the lead over the Indian music corporation. However, the difference in subscribers between the two channels has been decreasing. As the time of writing this article, Pewdiepie is leading T-series with more than 14k subscribers. And this number is showing signs of reducing.

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PewDiePie has not made any kind of comments on this incident, but we can all believe that the king of Youtube would never promote or encourage such uncultured and disrespectful actions to promote his channel.