Like Gracie, Coffey decided to take quite a drastic career change as she laid down her surfboard to join an X-rated website. The two women left barely anything to the imagination as they met up on Australia's Gold Coast for a sultry display in bikinis.

Renee Gracie 24
The two share a steamy photoshoot

They walked along arms wrapped around each other with Gracie holding a bottle of fizz and Coffey having two glasses in her hands. The 25-year-olds also shared the same couch, with Coffey straddling Gracie and leaning in for a kiss.

Renee Gracie 25
Coffey seems like she's leaning in for a kiss

Renee Gracie was a V8 Supercar driver. She suffered from a performance dip that put her in financial strain after losing the sponsorships. Once known as the Devil Princess, the native Queenslander started driving as a teenager and her dream was racing in a US NASCAR championship.

Renee Gracie 23
Renee Gracie was a professional V8 Supercar driver

Gracie was the first Australian woman to compete full time in motorsport. In 2015, she even took part in an all-female team that competed in the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar race. Her dreams came to a crash landing after the former driver finished 14th place in the same Mount Panorama race in 2016.

Renee Gracie 22
Her performance dipped in 2016

After her last performance at Bathurst, Gracie began to fall further in terms of performances with a series of underwhelming results on the racing circuit. She was eventually replaced by another driver in her team. Gracie put an end to her racing career in 2017.

Renee Gracie 21
Gracie quit racing in 2017, then joined OnlyFans

She then made a living by working at an auto shop. But soon afterward,  she found out that the yard work wasn't financially sustainable. Gracie then made quite a bold decision to cash in on her good looks and assets. She moved the adult entertainment industry, selling steamy snaps and private videos on the subscription platform Onlyfans.

Renee Gracie 20
She now makes a great living off the subscription platform

For $12.95 a month, subscribers can have access to all of her exclusive and sultry display on the site. And with the number of subscribers she currently has, Gracie makes a handsome living. Her following now stands at 11,600, which translates to an eyewatering $150,022 a month, or $1.8m a year if all her subscribers regularly pay for the content.

Renee Gracie 19
You can access her content for $12.95 a month

Ex-surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey also created a subscription-based website. She charges users $10 a month for “uncensored content, private chat, and more”.

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