The gaming industry has been growing so huge that all the big names in the technology field want a share for their own. And we all know it is only the matter of time before Google – one of the biggest names in the technology field – officially join the gaming industry

The late stage of 2018 marked the first official move of Google in the gaming industry when they announced that they would release a video game streaming technology, which is called Project Stream. Google also used the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey to show off this system’s power.

Project Stream
Project Stream works pretty well with Assassin's Creed Odyssey

And just recently, there have been rumors floating on the internet that Google will also release a new gaming controller. And this controller may have some features that work exclusively for Project Stream.

According to the photos leaked, the design of this controller looks pretty standard. This controller has two joysticks, a d-pad, and both shoulder and trigger buttons in the back. But Google would never make their product that simple. This controller is believed to have a voice assistant compatibility as well with a microphone button. Both of these features will be located near the bottom. If you are really interested in this controller, you can read about the full patent of this controller here.

Rumored patent for the new Google controller

Screen Shot 2019 03 10 At 12 09 47 Pm
Rumored patent for the new Google controller

The images of mock-ups for this controller have been all over on the internet, so we warn you not to take these image too seriously. The corporation has not confirmed anything yet, so anything information now can be faked. And even if there will truly be a new controller by Google in the future, the design of the final product may not be like the design of any mock-ups you are seeing right now.

Google Video Game Controller Mock Up Console Compa
Mock-ups in the internet

Google Stream Controller 5
Mock-ups in the internet

However, there is still good news for us in this matter. Google has confirmed that they will deliver a special announcement about their plan for the gaming industry on March 19th. This official statement will be a part of the Game Developer’s Conference – the biggest annual event for game developers from around the world. Hopefully, this corporation will include its new streaming technology and its new controller in its announcement this month.