Anonymity is your name, silence your native tongue.

As we all might have known, Men in Black cooperation works in secret, and they protect Earth citizens from intruders from outside our planet. Should MIB do it right, the human kind would never know of such an organization. However, things never work out the way we want.
Normally, no matter how bad the situation gets, MIB agents can always fix it by flashing the neuralyzer and change people’s memories into pleasant things. Yet life is not always as you expected. There are some scenarios where even the best MIB agents cannot cover up the problem. And those are the exact moments when alien-based events make their ways into our history. Much as some human beings are credited for inventing or to destroying things, we cannot put one thing above another absolutely.
Here are some historical events made by aliens (as indicated in the MIB):

Post-Modern Art

The scene from MiB 3

This appeared in the third part of the series. In the 60s, Agent W, working at a secret agent of MIB, participated in a deep secret mission. Going by the name of “Andy Warhol”, the agent pretended to be a The Factory’s famous artist.

As what Agent W has to say, he produced Post-Modern art out of his boredom. He claimed that his ideas are drained and he had to paint bananas and soup cans of Campbell.
In 1987, Andy passed away, yet Agent W still remained alive. He then discussed faking’s his own death with Agent K about.


The scene from MiB 2

As seen in MIB II, rain falls whenever Zarthans cry. So, should you be caught in a weird rainstorm, it might occur to you that some Zarthans are crying in the area.

Microwaves, Velcro, and More

Featured in MiB

In the first part of the series, the organization was not at all supervised nor funded by the government. MIB maintained itself by investigating alien technologies which were earlier left by immigrants from outside the Earth. These technologies include liposuction, velcro, ovens, and microwave. In 1997, when Agent J took the first tour of MIB’s facility, he showed off a mini-disc prototype and said that it would replace compact discs someday.

The New York Blackout In 1977

In the movie: Men in Black

In this year, the Great Attractor alien pranked MIB by tossing a destructive and high-speed bouncy ball around the New York city. This event caused a massive blackout that lasted for 25 hours. It also encouraged criminal and looting activities all over the city. Yet this blackout was finally seen as a light strike.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Elvis Presley during his famous time

According to MIB III, Elvis Presley is not dead and he is actually an alien. As what K had to say, Elvis only went back to his home. Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger was reported to be an alien as well, and he came to our planet only to search for a human woman that can breed and bed with him.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll industry would definitely not be the same if we didn’t have these 2 giants. The main star of “Rocky” – Sylvester Stallone was also believed to be an alien. And the list of famous aliens keeps getting longer, as the fresh MIB International is adding Elon Mush, Ariana Grande, and Childish Gambino to the list.

Observation Towers Of The New York Pavilion

In the movie: Men in Black

In MIB the first part, the organization incorporated structures of the aliens to the surrounding architecture as a part of the World’s Fair cover-up.

2 of the original flying saucer are used to build the New York Pavilion’s Observation Towers. These towers later became an iconic landmark of NYC, and it still remains to this day. This serves as a perfect example of how people hide things in plain sight.

The 1964-1965 World’s Fair

World's Fair appeared in Men in Black

In the first part of the series MIB, the contact between the Earth and aliens was first established in 1961, along with the MIB. Aliens officially established our planet as a refugee for their races.

The first meeting took place at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, New York. The World’s Fair was seen as a global celebration to renown human innovation. However, it is believed that the fair was founded to cover up alien activities.

Photo: Anthony Conti; scanned and published by PLCjr from Richmond, VA, USA CC BY-SA 2.0

The 1800s Immigrant Wave in France

Picture showing evidence of aliens

As you might have already known, in France, about 4 million immigrants settled during the mid-1850s to early 1900s. This later turned out to happen at the exact same time with the huge immigration of aliens to the city of love, which was known as the Great Migration. The engineer behind the famous Eiffel Tower – Gustav Eiffel – was actually an agent of MIB. And this tower was initially finished in 1889 to serve as a hub for this migration.