As we have reported, the most famous Apex Legends on Twitch at the moment Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek has involved into a serious automobile accident with his scooter. This accident resulted in an elbow injury, and Shroud had to take surgery. The whole incident has been reported on Twitter of Shroud, but we have collected the most related tweets right below.

Shroud Apex Legends Uses Door To Wipe Entire Team
Michael “shroud” Grzesiek and Apex Legends are seemingly born for each other

Although right after the first surgery he announced that he would have to take the second one, things seemed to go well after the first one. He showed photos and gifts from his friends – Justin “Just9n” Ortiz. Just9n is also an ex CS:GO pro player, a streamer and he help Shroud quite a lot in this accident: from taking him to the hospital to announcing the fan and taking care of Shroud after the first surgery. Shroud could even when back to streaming on Twitch for some time after the first surgery

But the situation is looking much worse after the second one. Shroud has just updated us via his tweet that his health condition.

According to this tweet, it looks like we will not be seeing this streamer for quite a long period of time on Twitch. This fact upsets Shroud as well. This streamer’s Twitch channel has just reached the 100.000 subscriber milestone – the dream of many streamers on this streaming platform. His absence from streaming will definitely reduce the number of subscribers of his Twitch channel since viewers will find other content creators to for entertainment.

However, there are many ways for Shroud to keep his relationship with his fans. When his elbow gets better, he may do some in real life (IRL) streams. But right now, Shroud has been posting a lot of tweets to communicate with his fans. And in return, his fans also have made some interesting meme to cheer him up.

Screenshot 2
Meme from Shroud's fan