Sunny Leone has joined an interview with a TV journalist, who asked her many aggressive questions about her past. The interview quickly became viral, which gained a lot of attention from Indians, most of which are protective toward Leone.

Sunny Leone answered the offensive questions with a solid attitude

Sunny Leone was the famous porn star not only among the Indian community but also all over the world. However, she's decided to step down from the grown-up industry, and started to make her way to Bollywood. As a result, many people have questioned whether her past is having negative effects on her Bollywood career.

The actress has never shied to answer these kinds of questions, and recently, she has proven it again!

Sunny Leone never regrets her past decision
Sunny Leone never regrets her past decision

In an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey, anchor of CNN-IBN’s talk show The Hot Seat, Leone was barraged with loads of questions about her past. Those questions are very offensive towards her past, which mainly tried to provoke her regret toward her past choice to become an adult movie star. The most aggressive one maybe: “Do you believe that ... it’s your body that will ultimately take you everywhere?”

People could understand that Leone's past is a controversial topic and potentially can attract a lot of attention. But blatantly asking those questions? Man, this interviewer needs to think before speaking!

Dear Mr. interviewer, do you have to ask that?
Dear Mr. interviewer, do you have to ask that?

Even when facing such hostile questions, Leone can still keep herself calm and manage to answer the question politely but firmly. Specifically, the Bollywood star stated that her former work was nothing "vulgar" and "wrong". She emphasizes that it's her choices that lead her to this position right now, and all of them are irreplacable in her life.

What a solid stance of her!

Indian's outlook toward sex

Even though the questions from Chaubey were somewhat rude, they still represent something about India's attitude on sex. After all, India is still a country that has censored the kiss scene from James Bond's movie Spectre with the reason of "too excessive"!

"Too excessive" - according to the Indian government

However, with the fact that it was the origin of Kama Sutra, and was the world's third largest porn consumer, we can still infer that Indian's demand on pornographic contents is decently high.

With that said, it was understandable that Sunny Leone managed to become more and more famous as a Bollywood actress. And it also explains why many fans are protecting the former porn queens, and keep supporting her to make further steps in the Bollywood universe.

She doesn't deserve such blatantly offensive questions
She doesn't deserve such blatantly offensive questions

We hope the best for Sunny Leone on her life and her career!