On Sunday this week – October 6th – there will be a new Batwoman TV series being published on The CW Network. This is an original TV series by The CW Network, and it features Australian actress Ruby Rose as the new Batwoman.

Ruby Rose
The new Batwoman, and we can definitely say she is so cool

However, not many people know that this Australian actress had to go through a quite severe surgery at the beginning of this year. If Ruby Rose did not have this emergency surgery, she might have to suffer paralysis for the rest of her life.

Ruby Rose Main Getty Instagram 810x610
Ruby Rose had to have a big surgery earlier this year

Ruby Rose shared this information via a post on her Instagram account. This post also features a very long clip summarizing the whole process of the surgery. We have to warn you, this clip is VERY GRAPHIC. Due to the fact that this video will certainly make a lot of people feel extremely uncomfortable watching it, we will not put the clip here. You can check out the clip in the Instagram page of Ruby Rose

Screenshot 1
The clip about the process of the surgery of actress Ruby Rose

There have been some people asking Ruby Rose about her decision to record all the process of her surgery because that footage is super graphic. A lot of people can never endure those kinds of videos. However, this Australian actress does have a very different opinion on this matter.

Now that is the Batwoman we want

We can say that this actress does have the vibe of a Batwoman. We hope she can deliver that vibe on her TV series. If you are curious about this TV series, then the good news is that you just have to wait until this Sunday to see it.