One of the most anticipated TV series of this year on Netflix is The Witcher, no doubt about that. This TV series is the adaptation of the popular novels from Poland, not from directly from the famous game franchise of CD Projekt Red, so there will be some differences between the TV series and the game. Nevertheless, the fans are still really excited about this TV series of Netflix.

Netflix The Witcher
The Witcher TV series of Netflix

In spite of knowing that the fans are dying to see this TV series, Netflix has not officially announced the release date of The Witcher TV series. This streaming service has shown the fans the first trailer of this TV series in July this year, but no official release date yet, besides telling us that this TV series would be online in the fourth quarter of this year.

However, Netflix seemingly has just “accidentally” leaked the release date of The Witcher TV series. The official Facebook account of Netflix Netherlands had a post on September 12th to countdown the days toward the release dates of many movies and TV series on Netflix, including The Witcher TV series. This post has been deleted, of course, but we got the screen capture of this post right below.

The deleted post from Netflix Netherlands

In the post, there are some movies and TV series that we have already known their release dates, namely El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, or the season two of Peaky Blinders or the season three of The Crown. Judging from the day that post was published (September 12th) and the countdown date, it looks like this TV series will be online December 17th.

V Geralt The Witcher Henry Cavill 760x428
The Witcher TV series of Netflix

Even so, we still have to warn you guys that this Facebook post was deleted, so we cannot be sure December 17th will be the official release date of The Witcher TV series. Netflix can certainly change the release date of the TV series. But we still recommend that you clear your schedule on December 17th, if you are a fan of The Witcher.