The beauty who is now a model, dubbed as the world’s hottest weather girl confidently showed off her stretch marks, inspiring fans to embrace their body. Yanet Garcia’s Instagram has garnered over 1.3 crore followers as of 2020, where she regularly posts pictures and clips showcasing her incredibly fit figure. In a recent post, the 29-year-old went ultra-real with fans to spread the message to everyone: love themselves "just the way they are".

Yanet Garcia insta
Yanet Garcia is now an Instagram star

The Mexican bombshell can be seen kneeling in bed with no make-up on in black lingerie set for the snap. She looks far in the distance, displaying enviable curves while also brings out her stretch marks. "Love yourself. You're beautiful just the way you are.", the caption reads. Since the post was posted yesterday, it has secured more than 6 lakh likes in under a day. Fans of the TV host flooded the comment section, praising her beauty and righteous cause. 

yanet garcia stretch
She confidently shows off her stretch marks

The ex-weather forecaster became famous overnight after footage of hers was uploaded and shared across social media platforms. What’s so special about those clips? It’s actually Yanet herself, showing off an amazing curvy figure in tight dresses that caught the audience’s attention, rather than the show itself. 

yanet garcia more views
Yanet's appearance made the Mexican weather forecast ever so more appealing

A few years later, Yanet now moved to California with her boyfriend Lewis Howes, a former professional American football player. The couple often expresses their inseparable love towards each other by posting snaps on their personal accounts. 

yanet garcia bf
She now moved to L.A to live with her boyfriend

This isn’t the first time where Yanet Garcia shows off her “jaw-dropping” body on social media. The Mexican beauty posts snap pretty much on a regular basis, with the main attraction is definitely her perfectly round bum. She also shares her journey to get such a curvy shape and exercises to keep fit. Yanet wants to encourage people with her influence to take good care of their bodies, as well as embrace the difference.

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