ell known for his personality and noble actions, Tim " Trick2G" is a charity raiser/streamer/LoL personality. And recently he has raised from a stream on Twitch for Richmond SPCA with an amount of $16,054.39.

Trick2G lives in Richmond town, Virginia state, and he is quite well-known for his Udyrs antics of high level in LoL server of North America. He is a main pillar and major force in the Twitch streaming community for a long time already.

In the last five years, Trick2G has raised a total amount of over $208,000 for many organizations and charities all over the country, and until now he still continues that. The sixteen grant for Richmond SPCA will be used for veterinary care, rehabilitation, pet adoption, and create a good community for the animals.

The noisy streamer

Trick2g And His Supporters Have Donated To Charity
Trick2G's stream

Trick2g Stream is relatively noisy, even vulgar but many people enter his Stream channel mainly for the purpose of listening to Mr. Blame teammates and shouting at every situation to devour the opponent.

Every time there was a fighting scene, he shouted as if it was right, even ears to watch, but each one had a viewpoint, anyone who hated to hate, who liked it gradually became familiar. Gradually, this person conveys the other's ears, the famous Trick2g is even more famous.

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The general Trick2g made the most noise, Volibear, where he could plunge into a ragged opponent after Blame mercilessly ignored the enemy. However, his best general is Udyr - a true Jungle who needs admonition and mischief, just like his personality. You can find Trick2g's video that was edited very neatly on Youtube, please turn the Volume down. If you like this style of yours, keep watching it or go back because that's the Trick2g style.

However, he has been losing his viewers in the last few years. But he still continues to stream through many hardships. Yet, we don't know yet that after the success of Richmond SPCA stream he will continue or not. Let's wait and see!