In late February, 20th Century Fox revealed a new poster for the upcoming movie of the X-Men series, Dark Phoenix. The poster shows the striking and powerful of Jean Gray, a central figure of this latest X – Men movie.

Last Wednesday, Jessica Chastain, who was a guest of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, played a villain in Dark Phoenix. She announced a teaser of the trailer of the movie during the interview. Later, the American film studio also released the full trailer of the film:

This latest X-Men movie will be directed by Simon Kinberg, this is the first time he debuted as a director after years of being a producer and writer for X-Men movies. The Phoenix character will be portrayed by Sophie Turner, who has repeatedly played Jean Gray in the previous X-Men movies. Jessica Chastain will play the main villain, causing many troubles and challenges for the mutants in the Dark Phoenix. Chastain told Jimmy Fallon that her character could defeat many X-Men mutants and kill many people. Although this is an intense and dramatic film, the actors and film crews have had extremely great moments during filming.

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Dark Phoenix will be available on theatre on June 7.

Besides Dark Phoenix, another spin off movie of X-Men, New Mutants, will be the final movies of X-Men franchise before it joins the MCU. Disney is currently acquiring and holding most of Fox's assets, and it is likely that the X-Men characters will appear in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a recent interview that Kevin Feige - President of Marvel Studio could be in charge of X-Universe in the future. He only expects people from Fox to understand that it will be better if Marvel is overseen by an entity. We should not have two Marvel exist.