Yanet García is an actress, TV host, and fitness girl. She is pretty popular on the internet with over 1.3 lakh followers on Instagram. She will launch an OnlyFan website for her fans. Moreover, García lets her fans subscribe for free.

Yanet García To Release OnlyFans Website With Free Subscription

García has launched a training page called FitPlan that you need to pay to subscribe to. She is asking her fans that if she should do OnlyFans or not on Twitter. Yanet is very famous on social media platforms. She has over 1.3 lakh followers on Instagram and over 14 lakh followers on Twitter.

Yanet Garcia 1

She also did the convey on Instagram to ask her followers whether they wanted García to launch an adult-content page for fans only. The convey got over 80% of the participants giving the "yes" answers. A lot of fans also said "yes" in the comments on Twitter, agreeing with her OnlyFans website.

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Yanet is a popular fit trainer. She also runs a fit training YouTube channel titled "iamYanetGarcia". The fit trainers uploaded a lot of body training tutorial videos as well as clips of her in daily life. Besides, she often shares a lot of sexy looks of her on Instagram.

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The beautiful businesswoman is also joining the OnlyFans world. As we all know, a lot of celebs and internet influencers created their OnlyFans websites. Then, she can contact fans and share some contents that only subscribers can see.

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Yanet Garcia is also called "Weather girl" when she joined the morning TV show "Hoy". She often gives audiences information about the weather. The beautiful Mexican girl has moved to the national TV channel, TV Azteca, after working for Televisa.

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She may launch the OnlyFans website soon. These are some stunning pictures of her on Instagram. Just take a look and admire her beauty.

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