Mentioning Yua Mikami, many may first remember the goddess in the adult movie industry in Japan. However, not all know that in the past, she was a naïve hot girl who was supposed to take the spotlight in Japanese showbiz. She then changed her initial plan and decided to join the AV industry. Yua Mikami has now become one of the most popular names in the land of the rising sun.

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Although she doesn’t work for showbiz, the seducing AV actress has recently appeared in a lot of interview shows, as well as focused more on developing content on her YouTube channel. Not long before, she made fans deeply surprised when answering a series of questions, including some sensitive and difficult ones.

In the beginning, Yua Mikami revealed the reason for her decision to become an AV actress. The goddess used to pursue her dream as an idol; however, while she didn’t know what to do at that time, she suddenly received an invitation to join the AV industry.

Yua Mikami

When being asked whether her family knows she now works as an AV actress or not, Yua Mikami frankly said that she didn’t know it. She also added that her father always sends a birthday message to her; however, he never mentions her career, even only once.

The netizens even paid much more attention to the later part of the interview that consisted of a lot of sensitive and tough questions. When being asked whether her feelings in movies are just acted or not, Yua Mikami completely denied it. She said that reaching the climax in movies is 100% real and she just followed her real feelings.

Finally, when being asked her criteria about her future husband, the girl felt a bit confused but then admitted that she just wanted a gentle guy. She even didn’t bother with having sex and still felt OK without sex in her daily life.

However, the netizens got deeply impressed with the final question. To get more specific, when being asked whether she has had sex in reality, apart from in movies, Yua Mikami felt very embarrassed. A few moments later, she revealed that she has never had such an experience in her real life. It turns out that she almost doesn’t have a chance to meet guys in her daily life.

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