BLAST Pro Copenhagen kicked off yesterday with 2 first rounds. However, the home favorite Astralis had to walk away without a single victory in the CS:GO event.

2 Losses Astralis Copenhagen 03 5a58_wm
Astralis had to end their first day without a single victory

The $250,000 event in Denmark gathers 6 established names in the world of esports: Astralis, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Natus Vincere, NiP. After 1 month away from LAN tournaments, Astralis and Team Liquid have finally come back to play on BLAST Pro Copenhagen.

2 Losses Astralis Copenhagen 04 Ac5c_wm
Liquid will be looking to find their feet in LAN tournaments after such a slump

However, things didn’t start out easy for Astralis right on their homeland soil. The Danes crumbled in their opening match against FaZe Clan, losing 2-16 on Inferno. A shining performance from Marcelo 'coldzera' David helped the European star-studded squad secure their first victory with a staggering rating of 1.95.

2 Losses Astralis Copenhagen 02 9acd_wm
A monstrous performance from coldzera has helped FaZe secure the first victory against the home favorite Astralis

The situation got even worse when they scored another loss against NiP on Overpass. The Danish powerhouse seemed to have a bad day where everyone missed shots and couldn’t penetrate the bombsites. Only Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth retained a positive rating above 1.00 after the match.

2 Losses Astralis Copenhagen 05 9643_wm
Only the clutch minister could keep up a good performance

"Copenhagen Curse" for Astralis

After the matches, Astralis’ IGL - Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander got a word with the media. He shed more light on the situation Astralis is facing. Astralis seems to be getting a “Copenhagen Curse” which has haunted them 3 times. In the last BLAST Pro Copenhagen, Astralis lost 3 games in a row and missed out on the grand final. They even lost the stand-off against Cloud9 and was unable to win an extra $20,000.

2 Losses Astralis Copenhagen 06 F0a6_wm
In front of the home crowd, Astralis couldn't quite keep up a good performance

Moreover, as gla1ve talks more about the situation with Astralis currently, he reveals that the BLAST Pro Copenhagen comes at a bad time for the team. Recently, Astralis group has been more active on the social side, releasing the new Astralis jersey. With that, the whole Astralis squad has to spend time interacting with fans and get more attention to the team.

Gla1ve says that he understands that is what his team has to do as a business, yet it comes at an unfortunate time for the CS:GO squad. Today will be one hard day for Astralis as they already lost 2 chances. Astralis needs to win the last 3 matches to get a chance to play in the grand final, before a large home crowd.