Fans of basketball may never forget about Michael Jordan’s “flu game” during the 1997 NBA Finals. Even in the bad health condition and until now there is no official confirmation about what kind of sickness he had, His Airness managed to win the NBA match. His spirit is still unforgetable to basketball fan and other sport fan. It is a prove of eternal sports spirit. Now, his spirit is once again mentioned in E-sports thanks to a New Zealand League of Legends player last weekend.

Despite just having an emergency surgery a couple hours, Brian “Somnus” Yu assisted his teammates to win the LoLs High school competition in 2 years consecutively.

Yu is said to have an “unexpected lung surgery” although there is no clear diagnosis, according to The New Zealand Herald.

Yu said: “Playing from [the] hospital was kind of a disaster, but I felt responsible to carry the team all the way through” and “They were so surprised that I could still play from the hospital. I was just using my laptop and the hospital wifi, so I’m just glad that we still won.”

There is nothing can detain Yu’s desire to win, even the surgery or poor hospital internet connection. As a captain of Rangitoto College’s esports team, Yu succeeded in getting the 1st place over Mount Albert Grammar School.

Yu’s story is the inspiration for many players in the Esports community.

Winning a solo play match is still unachievable for some player will full conditions but Yu have to play under high-pressure while carrying a tube in his chest and still can make a miracle, said the Rangitoto College’s head of esports Stephen Gardiner.

So if you are having a difficult time in play Legends of League or even in real life, just ask yourself what Yu will do.