After four exciting days of gaming at the League of Legends Esports World Cup (EWC 2024), T1 won the tournament by defeating Top Esports. Despite doubts from fans and experts about T1's abilities, the team did it.

T1's win at the Esports World Cup not only earns them $400,000 and a valuable trophy but also marks their successful debut in the first-ever LoL event at the tournament. This achievement is historic and will be remembered as a significant moment for T1 in the world of esports.

T1 - The Esports World Cup 2024’s Winner

When T1 lost to KT Rolster on June 29, in the LCK Summer split, the team was clearly struggling. They needed help adapting to the current League of Legends meta, losing team fights, and lacking their usual individual brilliance. As a result, leading into the Esports World Cup 2024, T1 wasn't seen as a top pick by fans.

However, everything turned around when T1 defeated one of the LPL's toughest teams, Bilibili Gaming. T1 displayed impressive resilience with innovative draft strategies like Zeus picking Zeri for the Toplane. They navigated late-game team fights skillfully and also triumphed in individual duels.

T1 Esports World Cup 2024
This is a significant moment for T1 in the world of esports.

Next, T1 faced off against LCS' Team Liquid in a thrilling series. Despite being the expected favorites, T1 faced tough competition, with Team Liquid nearly clinching victory. Gumayusi and Oner delivered standout performances, contributing to T1's 2-1 triumph in the series.

In the Grand Final, Game 1 was completely dominated by Top Esports. Each of their five players performed exceptionally well, leading to a swift victory in just twenty-three minutes. This raised concerns that T1 might struggle against such a formidable opponent.

Against all expectations, and guided by Faker and his four talented teammates, T1 staged a remarkable comeback to win the series. Oner's decisive shot-calling and Keria's exceptional support play were particularly noteworthy in their victory.

In this tournament, T1 secured victories in the following series:

  • Quarterfinal: 2-1 vs Bilibili Gaming 
  • Semifinal: 2-1 vs Team Liquid 
  • Grand Final: 3-1 vs Top Esports

Faker - The Esports World Cup 2024 Grand Final’s MVP

No one in the LoL community can deny the Faker’s talent and efforts over the past 10 years. In EWC 2024, this legendary player won another big international trophy and was named MVP in the Grand Final as well.

Esports World Cup 2024 Mpv Faker
Faker - EWC 2024 Grand Final’s MVP

In the Esports World Cup 2024, all three teams T1 faced banned many of Faker's preferred Midlane champions. Tristana, a highly potent champion in the current meta, was notably unavailable to Faker during the Grand Final against Top Esports.

In the first game against Top Esports, Faker picked Corki but struggled in the laning phase against Top Esports' Creme. However, he bounced back by selecting champions like Ahri, Azir, and Yasuo in the following games, winning three in a row and securing the trophy for T1. The Yasuo pick in the decisive final game was crucial, as it effectively neutralized Creme's Corki.

During the post-game interview, he was questioned about how he managed to stay at the pinnacle of the LoL world after so many years.

"I think it's because I am trying to improve all the time. I try to be better. And of course, I have good teammates over here and the fans," he replied.

Gumayusi - T1’s Unsung Hero in EWC 2024

T1's unsung hero and consistent performer is their ADC, Gumayusi. His impressive champion pool and tactical movements across the Rift, coupled with his impeccable spacing in team fights, set him apart as an extraordinary player.

Esports World Cup 2024 Gumayusi
T1's unsung hero and consistent performer - Gumayusi.

In the EWC 2024, T1 played a total of 10 matches, facing Bilibili Gaming and Team Liquid 3 times each, and Top Esports 4 times. Throughout these matches, Gumayusi chose a different ADC champion each time. His picks included:

  • Against Bilibili Gaming: Kai'Sa, Senna, Jhin
  • Against Team Liquid: Ezreal, Caitlyn, Sivir
  • Against Top Esports: Zeri, Kalista, Ashe, Xayah

EWC 2024 marked Gumayusi's first professional encounter against JackeyLove from Top Esports in a League of Legends esports match. Despite this, with Keria's assistance, Gumayusi emerged victorious.

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