Recently, the AMA (Ask Me Everything) program on the official website of the League of Legends Reddit community, Choi "Edgar" Woo-beom - Gen.G coach gave a comment about his team has no intention to pursue Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok with the title of three world championships but Faker will definitely feel his enthusiasm.

When asked, he gave the best names in his team for the top, ADC, jungle, and support roles, but he did not name anyone in the mid lane. He said "Nobody" and then "There is not a player that really comes to mind." And whether this is a joke or not, it sounds pretty scary.

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SKT Faker

In the second unfathomable year in the franchise’s League career of Faker’s team – SK Telecom T2 was not qualified for the Worlds. Despite this, no one dares to doubt Faker's personal talent and performance. This was proven after the Asian Games when he was almost one-handed to bring Korea to the glory. Although China is still the final winner, Faker has shown a truly amazing performance.

Through that event, many people think that Faker is a great and talented player, and he just cannot show his real talent when cooperating with the players do not really click with him.

Although Edgar is currently the coach of a long - time opponent team, his view of Faker was not enough to be the best player yet to be considered. In the regional gauntlet of September 12, Gen.G knocked SK Telecom out of Worlds Contention.