Fortnite has just included a huge feature in the game and even the pro players are trying hard to work it out: The Air Strike.

Air Strike
The Air Strike has just made it to Fortnite in the latest patch update.

The 9.30 third update

Within version 9.30, the 3rd update has finally arrived. Surprisingly, while the list of changes was short, we could notice the addition of a brand-new devastating weapon: The Air Strike. The weapon clearly took everyone by surprise as the Fortnite World Cup is coming in just over two weeks, giving players not much time to practice it.

Air Strike
With the Fortnite World Cup coming soon, players don't have much time to practice the new weapon.

How Air Strike works

For your information, the Air Strike works just like how you imagined it would be. Players hold the red grenade and throw it out to use. After impact, the weapon launches a missile on top of the area, randomly dropping 20 bombs to clear out the field.

Fortnite Air Strike
Air Strike is a great offensive item, dealing a huge amount of AOE damage.

Each bomb hit deals 75 damage to players, while dealing a decent 200 damage to buildings and other structures. This clearly creates an edge to fight camping players and those who are fighting on places with high altitude.

Check out how Air Strike works here:

The new item will deliver lots of fun and strategies to the game

A possible meta change?

With the inclusion of such a powerful new weapon, the Air Strike can totally change the esports meta of Fortnite. Nowadays, especially in the qualifiers for The Fortnite World Cup, most people prefer a slower-paced game with methodical build editing. In fact, players usually try to avoid each other and wait until the play zone feels comfortable enough to engage.

That being said, we could see serious changes in the upcoming Fortnite games. People only have two weeks to adjust to the new weapon and let’s be real, defensive strategies won’t last long with the appearance of the Air Strike. Pro players of Fortnite have been having all kinds of response towards the new weapon. Some love it, some don’t but it’s undoubtedly a cool addition by Epic Games.

Air Strike
Will we see a new Fortnite meta shift in the upcoming weeks? Let's wait and find out!

Aside from the Air Strike, the update brought upon more tools for the “Creative mode”, many new items and missions within “Save the World”. For the full update notes, come the to official Fortnite site.