The World Cup of the hit Battle Royale title Fortnite is fast approaching. Now, many players are trying their best to get a chance to participate in this major event, among them is an individual who goes by the nickname BuckeFPS. The interesting part is, unlike the majority of his competition, BuckeFPS has a secret weapon up his sleeves: The coaching of his father.

World Cup Fortnite Custom Games No Practice
The Fortnite World Cup is beginning soon

Upon successfully getting a spot in the tournament, BuckeFPS published a video in which he showcased the important matches in this qualification run. In this video, viewers can constantly hear the voice of his father in the backdrop. As BuckeFPS tried to survive the shrinking circle and several enemies at the same time, his father was right there trying to calm him down as well as giving him advice and encouragement. The man was also constantly keeping his son updated on how many enemies were alive and how many points he needed. This is not simply the emotional support that parents usually give their children either, as it’s clear that BuckeFPS’s father understands the game at a high level. Even when things were getting hectic, he was still able to follow and commentate the gameplay.

BuckeFPS's video of how his dad coached him to victory

Thanks to the efforts of both father and son, BuckeFPS eventually qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. Moreover, with that feat, he’s already secured a $50,000 prize (Rs 34,7 lakhs). The moment of victory was no doubt emotional for BuckeFPS, and his dad was there with him until the very end.  “I love you son, I’m so proud of you,” he said. “Just do my one favor, be a humble, thankful winner.”

The main World Cup event will be a LAN competition, so BuckeFPS’ father will most likely not be able to coach him then. Still, knowing that his family will always be there watching and supporting him is definitely going to be a huge morale boost for the player.