Fornite never disappoints its fans because of its continuous updates. On 12nd December, after a few days introducing season 7’s new features, Epic revealed that a new weapon will be available on Fornite soon. It’s a melee weapon, a sword. Many fans are excited about this new weapon because currently, the pickaxe is the only melee weapon on Fornite. It is not a big surprise to a hardcore fan because this sword is already shown up in season 7 trailer. It is held by a man (maybe Santa?) standing on the edge of the iceberg with a group of four snowmen. Well, now Epic is bringing it to the game.

A man holds a sword in season 7 trailer

The teaser doesn’t show much about how the sword works in the game. However, we can see how it look like more clearly:

The sword has a distinctive look, and it makes players think of swords of Infinity Blade series, which is also published by Epic. In the teaser, a man yanked a sword from the ground and head it to the sky. It is a very familiar and typical scene when the winner raises his weapon up to claim a victory.

What is the power of this sword?

Up to know, there is no official information about this sword’s name or its rarity. Regard of the teaser, it may have a significant role in the game like bring the owner superpower or just it is mighty that can kill a person with one hit.

Many players think that it will show up in a new mode which is similar to Thanos mode when players have to find and own the sword to win. All of above are just assumptions. We should better wait for the official release will arrive in the upcoming weeks. It won't be long because Epic often shows the teaser of updates right before they are available on the game.