The BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 CS:GO tournament was held in Washington from June 7 to 11. These competitions brought surprises for eSports fans. For example, the Imperial Esports team, which is considered an outsider, managed to reach the semi-finals. But the teams that reached the final were not a surprise for the majority, who planned to see the Danes and the French in the battle for the title. The current “blast” was marked by a number of interesting stories that should be paid attention to and conclusions drawn.

Most stable organization - Heroic

Over the past six months, the professional scene has been volatile and has had its ups and downs. First, the fans saw the dominance of G2, then flashed bright flash and FaZe went out. After that, a large number of wins were made by Vitality and a breakthrough in Dallas by ENCE. But something permanent happened during this time, namely the stable performances of Heroic.

Blast Premier World Final 2023
The BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 CS:GO tournament was held in Washington from June 7 to 11.

In major competitions, representatives of Denmark consistently reached the playoffs. In Katowice, Kasper Meller and teammates got the second place, and then reached the 1/4 finals at ESL Pro League Season 17. In Brazil in Rio, "heroic" again reached the final, and at Paris Major 2023 and IEM Dallas 2023 they were eliminated in the semi-finals. After a series of powerful performances without victories in them, Heroic got the championship at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023. Despite the difficulties in big shootouts, the Danish five managed to tune in and defeat Vitlaity in the main confrontation.

Based on all the results of the Danish organization, Heroic can be called the most stable team. In this statue, representatives of Denmark will go on vacation, but with a high probability, a month later, cadiaN and partners will once again demonstrate all th

eir best qualities.

Cloud9 failures and rumors about Astralis

Following the results of the championship, it is impossible not to pay attention to Cloud9 and Astralis. Regarding the “cloud9”, it can be stated that the signing of Timur Tulepov was unsuccessful. Of course, buster is not a bad player, but it is extremely difficult for a Kazakh to show his full potential in the allocated "cloud" roles. One of the main problems of Dmitry Sokolov and the company is the inability to put pressure on opponents by breaking skirmishes. To improve the results, it would be nice to return Timofey Yakushin to the team. In addition, the scenario with the return of intetz is quite possible.

Astralis have a good result in Texas. At the same time, the team was crippled by rumors about the possible transfer of Viktor Shter. This news has had a bad effect on young players, who are the main contenders for leaving. It's about Alexander Givskov and Christian Andersen. In Washington, the Danes failed to impose a fight on either "complexities" or "phases". After a number of successes of the team from Denmark, the failure at the “blast” in 2023 is explained by speculative articles from the media.

Sale Imperial

Also of interest were the news from the camp of the Imperial team. No one expected such a strong game from an organization from Brazil. Not only did the Latin Americans reach the playoffs, they also made it to the semi-finals, where they imposed a fight and almost defeated Heroic. The main reason for the team's impressive results is preparation for the sell-off. Most artists explicitly confirm future changes, with Gabriel Toledo saying he is in talks with paiN and FURIA. Everyone looked cool in Washington, so the line-up can be completely dismantled.

It should also be noted that Imperial looked more cheerful than their opponents. This is due to the fact that the Brazilians did not have to fly around North America and Europe for a long time. At the same time, if you dig into your memory and find the previous failures of this team, then BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 is the brightest performance for FalleN and the company. If you want to earn money by placing bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then we advise you to do it on