Chinese-American model Mei Yan said that her picture was photoshopped and used in Tencent’s battle royale game “Ring of Elysium” without her knowing. Her picture was used for the in-game character known as Lynn.

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Yan herself also operates a YouTube channel reaching over 400,000 subscribers. She tweeted that the game had stolen her portrait from a few years back, and utilized the picture for its in-game character Lynn. Yan screenshotted the original photo from Ring of Elysium trailer, which had been photoshopped into different outfits.

You can make a comparison from the picture below, on the right is the original picture, and the left side is the replicate of the picture. The original was taken while Yan was working with a fashion brand known as Omocat.

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Her picture was also used as an in-game icon in Adventurer Pass. However, all uses of the image, which included the one in the previous trailer, had been deleted.

Yan stated in her Instagram post that she did not have a clue of such incident could ever happen to her. She also admitted that she somehow felt cool and flattered, however, at the same time stated that the act was shady and how ridiculous how far it had gone.

Ring Of Elysium Instagram Model

She further asserted that she was uncertain of how to deal with the situation at that moment, as her original resolve was only to raise some awareness. And all she wanted was that more people could know about this. However, Ring of Elysium had been charging its players for the Adventure Pass that uses her photoshopped pictures, which made her feel quite uneasy in some way because players had been deceived by something of her creation.

A Ring of Elysium’s moderator released a Reddit thread claiming that the game’s developers immediately conducted an official investigation after the incident happened.  However, we will have to wait for the team’s final statement once things have been clarified.