Counter-Strike is among the longest standing FPS titles out there. With simple and easy to pick up gameplay, CS:GO has attracted more and more people to the FPS genre. The competitive scene in CS:GO is pretty active with many tournaments around the world.

Csgo Update Consoles 03
CS:GO is really popular in the world of Esports

However, much we admire CS:GO players, how can we practice to become as good as them? First, you have to learn how to land shots in situations. Then you will learn about strategies in CS:GO. The game is not just about charging in trying to hit every shot. Utilities exist for the exact reason.

Valve introduced more consoles

In the latest update to CS:GO on September 19, Valve has introduced more consoles to help with practicing. More specifically, the consoles affect throwing grenades by assisting with the pattern and trajectory.

Csgo Update Consoles 04
CS:GO consoles are pretty useful when practicing

There are 3 new console commands available only in practice. It is pretty good for practicing using utilities. The 3 consoles have different uses regarding situations:

cl_grenadepreview: shows the grenade’s trajectory or traveling path while you are about to throw it. It is most effective when you are finding angles to throw a smoke grenade to a specific location. It will point out which way the grenade goes after leaving your hand.

Csgo Update Consoles 01
The console shows the trajectory even before you throw a grenade

cl_sim_grenade_trajectory: freezes the trajectory for a number of seconds. This is particularly useful when you are throwing long-ranged grenades. When the trajectory freezes, you can follow where it goes and understands the pattern better.

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This console is particularly useful when you are trying out long-ranged smokes

sv_rethrow_last_grenade: recreates the last thrown grenade on the server. This is particularly useful when you find a good flash and want to test which location is affected by the flashbang.

Csgo Update Consoles 02
This console is great when you are testing out a flashbang

All in all, more assistance from the game will help players learn the game much faster. This is indeed a good effort from Valve to adapt to the needs of players.