Dew Arena 2019 panned out from October 3 to 5 last week. The event gathered keen Esports fans around the country to the Nehru Place in Delhi. Some of the finest Esports teams in India here contributed a great showing for fans there.

The CS:GO champion – Entity Gaming

Dew Arena 2019 01
Entity Gaming defeated Global Esports in the Dew Arena 2019

Entity Gaming kicked off the CS:GO event with a dominant victory 16-0 over iYATi on Overpass. They carried on the hype through to the next match against Global Esports on Inferno. The blue jersey squad scored a handy victory of 16-7 to put Global Esports to the lower bracket.

Dew Arena 2019 02
Entity Gaming is your Dew Arena 2019 CS:GO champion

The grand finals took place on October 5 once again between Entity and Global. Simar 'Psy' Sethi displayed a stellar performance through 3 maps with his consistent fragging capacity. Entity Gaming took the first map with Psy topping the scoreboard at a 1.60 rating. Dust 2 ended 16-8 for the blue jersey squad.

Dew Arena 2019 05
Psy was named the star of the match

On the Global Esport’s side, Norbu “Karam1L” Tsering tried his best to bring the game back for his team. The second map – Train – turned out to be a surprise as Global Esports pulled off a massive comeback from 3-9 in the first half as CT-side to close the game out at 16-11.

However, that was the most Global Esports could do. The deciding map – Mirage went the way of Entity as they closed out the map at 16-7. Entity Gaming won ₹6 LAKH while Global Esports took home ₹1.5 LAKH.

The Dota 2 champion - Whoops!

Dew Arena 2019 01
Whoops! pull off a massive upset against Entity Gaming

Dota 2 turned out to be interesting with a new name on the board. Coming to the Dota 2 tournament without Entity Gaming, Global Esports was the obvious favorite to win the series. However, Whoops! rose to power with their repeated victories over the red and blue jersey squad.

Whoops! defeated Global Esports in 3 maps, 1 in a Bo1 and 2-0 in a Bo3. They took home the lion's share of ₹6 LAKH.

Rocket League and Street Fighter V winners

Dew Arena 2019 04
Hargun Singh won the Rocket League tournament

Here we have the Rocket League and Street Fighter V winners. They receive a grand prize of ₹2 LAKH

Dew Arena 2019 03
Bhagwant "B3" Bagh took the Street Fighter trophy once again after his victory in the Dew Arena 2017

Dew Arena 2019 has been successful so far. With more Esports event on the table, the Indian Esports scene will grow large.