Dota 2 has experienced countless changes and patches. Each major patch brings in a sea of change to the way we play Dota. The recent 7.22 patch has delivered us various adjustments to almost every hero in the scene. With these drastic changes, many people find it hard to keep up with the current patch.

Therefore, one of the most well-known artists in China, GL, has made a series of pictures to deliver the changelog in the most natural and funny way. He uploaded his work on Weibo and let people shared it widely. There is an English translated version of it so foreign Dota 2 fans can enjoy and understand it better.

The series is really friendly and added some slight jokes to make it even more welcoming

The cover features this patch's most interesting Aghanim upgrades: Death Prophet, Dragon Knight, Templar Assassin, Anti-mage, Tiny, Phoenix

What comes first are changes about Aghanim upgrades on many heroes

What a greedy watermelon, tasting the Aghanim like a candy

Everyone has their own share of Aghanim's Scepter

Even Roshan

Your cute baby Roshan now drops an Aghanim Scepter candy

Various gameplay changes

More exp for everyone

Elder Titan and Abaddon Aghanim upgrades

A light joke is added to the drawing

Clink's Burning Army

Isn't this a reference to AutoChess?

Who is the real Axe now?

Legion Commander is a favorite hero for Chinese, as she somehow resembles one character Mulan in Chinese's myth and fairy tales

Other various changes

All are illustrated in a funny way

Aghanim upgrades

Chinese are really good meme users

Terrorblade and Anti-mage's Scepters

Somebody call help, Bristle Back is going to get bullied

The wealthy Alchemist should be happy with this patch

Also, Autochess is really popular in China

Your annoying Pangolin

He looks like a hedgehog now, throwing out spikes in every direction

The other Aghanim's Scepter upgrades

Monkey King is also one favorite hero in China, as he is like the incarnation of Sun Wukong, the famous figure in Chinese mythology.

Dragon Knight

4-star chess piece?

Is this a reference to Game of Throne last season?

Final 23451
The end

That is all the changes we need to know portraited in a series of pictures. Hopefully we get more used to the gameplay.