After 9 years

Dota 2, as people often joke, seems to be “still in beta” phase. The game is riddled with bugs and errors.

As many people complain, Valve seems to neglect their fat cash cow when letting these glitches and exploits prevail for too long.

Dota 2 Beta 04
Has Valve forgotten to take care of their cash cow?

Recently, Dota 2 has been unstable with many new found bugs. A never-ending source of Dota 2 bugs could be traced to the most sophisticated hero in Dota 2, Morphling. The hero’s ultimate ability, Morph, gave rise to countless possibilities of unintended glitch.

Dota 2 Beta 05
Intended or not, Morphling is the most abused hero regarding glitches and bugs

The nature of the spell itself could break general mechanics in the game. Last year, we had plenty of bugs which exploited the nature of this.

We had the infinite damage, infinite tornados, infinite attribute losses. They were all fixed later but remained as a question of the capacity of Valve’s debug staff.

Ongoing bug

Currently, there are many threads in Reddit complaining about the working bugs with the hero, which made the game extremely one-sided.

Morphling can attack freely from quite a long distance

In the video, we can see Morphling player abusing the glitch with his ultimate. He Morphed into Tiny, getting to use his 3rd ability – Tree Grab. Then, by some script or hack, when he Morphed back, the Morphling could use Tree Throw to launch an air attack freely in a large area.

The bug gave the abuser an unfair advantage in the game, giving Morphling an unintended ability. With that much power, Morphling easily killed Mars without coming close.

Another video showed how overpowered this bug could be.

The damage output is insane

This exploit is obviously a glitch as Morphling should not get this ridiculously strong with his Ultimate.

Moreover, many people confirmed that this was not simply a bug. The abuser had to resort to some kind of script/cheat to enable this glitch. It is so absurd that people are cheating in one of the most popular Esports nowadays.

Dota 2 Beta 03
The abuser had to use some sort of script/hack to exploit this bug

They did it so freely without any punishment. There are many threads on Reddit to discuss the seriousness of this abuse. Valve should be taking actions right away to correct this absurd bug.

Full video of such cheating behavior

In the past, such detrimental bugs like this one should prevail no more than 1 day. However, the reactions from Valve have been rather slow as the bug has prevailed for days.

All we can do is wait and pray that this bug will not affect the competitive scene, especially when EPICENTER is now online.