Extremesland 2019 Asia Finals kicked off yesterday with 12 matches across the 4 group stages. 4 first teams have entered their names on the list of play-offs of the CS:GO event. Meanwhile, 12 teams will battle it out for the last 4 tickets to the main event.

Entity Gaming 02
First day results

The Indian representative Entity Gaming lost the opening match against Bren. The map pick was Train, a pretty CT-sided map on the map pool. Entity Gaming started off well with 4 rounds in a row, holding tight the A site with good rotation on Ivy. However, after a pause from Bren, the Filipino squad would then break the deadlock and won 4 rounds in a row.

Entity Gaming tried to respond with a round win but the rest of the first half went the way of Bren. The second half kicked in and the Filipinos finished the job with a scoreline of 16-6.

Entity Gaming 01
Entity Gaming let the opening match slip

Last chance

With that, Entity Gaming will face off against GTV.Revolution – who lost the opening match against ViCi Gaming 3-16. Both teams will now play in the elimination match in Bo3. Whoever loses will be eliminated, the winner goes on to face Bren in a Bo3.

Entity Gaming 05
Entity Gaming has to defeat GTV.Revolution to continue their journey

It would be interesting to see another Indian squad facing against Revolution – the opponent for OpTic India in the same elimination match last year. However, the Vietnamese representative this year won’t field Cong "crazyguy" Anh Ngo in the starting lineup, which will be a good chance for Entity Gaming. The Vietnamese star had a short stint in Signify earlier this year. However, after the disbandment of Signify in June, the rifler parted ways with the lineup and has yet to find a new home.

Entity Gaming 03
eXTREMESLAND 2019 Asia CS:GO is on air

In other groups, Tyloo, BOOT, MVP PK were the first to enter the play-offs. The other elimination matchups are Absolute vs. Genuine, Alpha Red vs. LaZe, Ground Zero vs. ENZO. Who will make it to the big stage this time?