Cranium Apparel – an esports fashion company – has just received a huge number of negative reactions from the gaming community after introducing their new idea for “esports dress”

Cranium Apparel first uploaded the tweet a few days ago, introducing that the esports dress is “never seen before in esports” and “gives a new identity to female gamers”.
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Although there were some comments with positive reviews about this esports dress, a lot of people think that it was a joke from Cranium Apparel due to the fact that this dress design looks just like cheerleaders’ dress. There are many designs for women’s clothes, but choosing a dress that looks like a cheerleader’s dress is discrimination to women in general. All the judging comments toward the new design of Cranium Apparel share this same idea

Some Twitter users made some suggestions to the company, such as producing crop top designs, adding pockets to the designs (this feature is already done). Cranium Apparel also said that plus sizes were available and the company was working on “women-fitted jerseys and leggings”

Jamie Harris – founder and the current CEO of Gamers Apparel – commented that this dress design isn't the first of its kind, but he admired Cranium Apparel's efforts to offer more options for women in esports.

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Jamie Harris

Some other big names in esports have also spoken about this.

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Comment from Kimmie Riot - the CEO of female esports organization Riot Gaming

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UK system builder Yoyotech's comment

Cranium Apparel has been very active on Twitter. They have replied to all comments with a promise that they will improve their marketing communication as well as their designs in the future.